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09/01/2010 12:01 PM

Decided to finally say HI...

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I've been lurking around here for quite a while now and finally decided to jump in. I've been considering bypass surgery and have found everyone's advice and shared experience's to be very insightful.

Manxbailey, I'm particularly fond of your tell it like it is style and find it refreshing. I think it's great that you don't, or won't, sugar coat things. This is a very serious journey and you do your best to make sure people understand it's not always going to be easy.


09/01/2010 12:20 PM

Hi Smile Nice you finally decided to join in and speak up Smile Welcome. I notice on your profile your birth date is November 2010, which is quite amazing, as you haven't even been born yet Smile See, this is how clever MD Junction is, we recruit the youngest members ever Smile

Yeah, well I think it's the best way. I could just spend all the time wrapping everything in cotton wool and telling everyone that nobody will be ill, that you won't hurl up randomly, that you won't get constipated or that you will be able to eat anything after surgery, but some people won't be able to. You WILL lose weight, and lots of it, but it's not easy, and you will miss things.

I lost 50% of my friends, people who I thought honestly would never leave me, you know? But they do. Then you realise that a lot of the time, they like having a 'fat' friend, because it makes them feel better, you know? Just remember, if it does happen, it's not your fault.

What are your thoughts behind the surgery? Why are you wanting to have it done? Have you talked to anyone medical about it?

I don't know everything about this surgery, but I do know a lot. And sure, there will always be the odd one or two who will not follow the pattern, be lucky and not suffer the things the rest of us do. But it's rare.

You need to go into this with both eyes wide open. You will lose weight. It will change your life. But it does come at a cost

09/08/2010 11:57 AM
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ManxBailey! LOL at the date of birth! I couldn't figure out how to work that silly calendar at first, but I've fixed it now.

I'm considering surgery for all the obvious reasons, my physical health, my mental health and, of course, there's the vanity aspect of it. I have talked to my family doctor about it and he's given me the names of a few surgeons to consult with, but I haven't taken that leap yet. I'm still working my way up to the next step.

That is so sad about your friends and I completely agree, with you, about it not being your fault. It sounds like a huge character flaw on their part and you're better off without them!

I seem to remember you mentioning a book you were working on, how exciting! I would love to read it when it's finished. How's the progress going, are you still writing or has it been completed?

09/08/2010 03:18 PM

Yeah, I am doing a book, well, I have 2 chapters to finish. I can't do them yet, as I am wanting to include some information on the skin removal and I haven't had that yet. I am having the first stage in November and the next in March 11, so I will finish those 2 after that, so the reader gets the whole story, from start to finish. I have a publisher, and already have some dates lined up next year to talk about it, so that will be interesting Smile

I don't want to say too much yet, but will let you all know where you can watch me Smile

I would welcome a paragraph or two from some members to slot at the end of the book, so between now and April 11, if any of you want to sum up your experiences, then feel free. By all means, you can wait until closer to the time, that's fine.

Surgery for me has been amazing. I have loved the journey so far, and continue to love it Smile It's hard at times, but it's been worth it

09/14/2010 04:55 PM
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Manxbailey- it is great that you are writing a book. I have family that wants me to write a book about my enetire life experences. I tried to write down just simple incidents that happened to me before the last two years. I had over six steno pages listed. I was told not to do it, that it will only make me feel bad. I have trouble writing what other people say when I remember the incidents. I just remeber what happen with out so many words. Any Advice? Cappy

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