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01/21/2012 05:31 PM


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I'm having bypass surgery this coming Monday and am still trying to get as much info as I can to prepare myself. I've heard that the surgery itself is not that painful but that the gas you get after surgery is. Does everybody get the gas pains and if so, how long do they last? What all can be done to ease the pain?

01/21/2012 11:38 PM


I wouldn't worry too much about the surgery on Monday, it's quite straight forward, and the surgeon completes lots of these procedures each year. They wouldn't even attempt it, if they thought it wasn't safe to do so, I honestly wouldn't worry.

The gas is only if you're having laproscopic "keyhole" surgery. They use the air to inflate your tummy, so they can see what they're doing. When the surgery is finished, and they seal the incision sites and this effectively traps the air inside.

The best advice is take peppermint tea in with you, as sipping on that really does help once you can have unlimited liquids. Also, once possible, try and walk around as much as you can, that will dislodge the air.

It's not painful, so don't worry, it's just a bit..uncomfortable, that's all

01/22/2012 02:33 PM

Just so you know, the gas will cause pain that radiates to your shoulder. It seems odd, but it just does! It's scary if you aren't expecting it. Like Bailey said, peppermint tea and walking, and being free with letting it all out. Smile

Good luck tomorrow!! Be sure to check in with us to let us know how you're doing. HUGS!!!


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