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11/26/2011 06:55 PM


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When I eat pureed soup, I feel like I have not eaten at all a short time later. I made some pureed pumpkin soup, and it just slides down. Does this happen to anyone else?



11/26/2011 10:36 PM

The basic rule is that anything carb high will give you quick satisfaction but will wear off, if it's protein, it will be longer lasting. You really need to try and balance the nutrients, if you're not vegetarian, try adding some small amounts of meat to your soups, and that will change the feeling of getting hungry quicker.

If you are vegetarian, then throw some lentils, a few nuts, anything like that.

One of the mistakes I did is I usually only had one food group, and I know I should have tried to eat more balanced. It took me a while to learn.

Camembert is high in protein, if you like that cheese, just pop in the oven to melt, then do some toast, cut off the crusts, and use to dip in. You might not be ready for the toast quite yet, but make a note for when you think you can handle it.

When I was staying with my parents, my mum would do a Sunday dinner, then she would throw into the blender some roast chicken, the veg, lots of gravy and I would love that Smile

Funny how before surgery, if everyone else was eating and you were not, you'd go crazy but after surgery, you don't really care at all Smile

12/02/2011 06:43 AM

I also think it goes back to being able to chew your food. Chewing is part of the satisfaction. When you're able to chew, you will feel more satisfied. Smile

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