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10/07/2011 09:25 PM

Testing our boundaries

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It's been a year and four months from my surgery. I have occasionally missed my Diet Coke. Recently, I took a mouthful of it and then immediately to my iced tea. I tried it again a week later and did the same thing; one mouthful then on to my iced tea. Well, today I decided to be a little sh*t and drank a whole cup of it. Now I know why we're not supposed to have thought my doc was just being his usual strict self. Nope, the gas pains were not fun and have passed (thank God). So, learn from my mistake, don't drink carbonation.

10/07/2011 11:23 PM

What I do is pour a glass and leave it for around 30 minutes, and then sip. I couldn't give up my Pepsi Max for anyone, don't care what the Dr said, he can get lost. I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to change my life but some things in life are what living is all about. I can't eat red meat, I can't eat fruit, I can't have fried food, I can't have anything sugary. Lord knows, if I was denied my Pepsi, I might as well be in a box.

Hence, it's the immediate carbonation that is bad. I pour, I leave. Usually, 30 minutes is enough. Then I sip. It's fine. Also, don't have too cold either, it's not good.

I remember when I drank 2 or 3 gulps around 2 weeks after surgery, ice cold, oh gosh, so not good Smile I felt like the bottom of my stomach had fell off.

I think everyone has their own little things they don't want to lose. That's why I came up with my 7 method, because it's usually quite accurate. 7 bites or sips or spoons of anything and you're pretty much fine. Risk 8, and you're asking for trouble. 7 is your friendly food number my friends Smile x

10/09/2011 09:10 AM
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My dr said it was fine to have once in a while...the carbonation doesn't bother me at all...but when I do, I maybe drink like not even a quarter of the can of diet soda...

10/09/2011 09:26 AM
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Oh gosh... there's Coke in my house right now and every time I pass the bottle, I want some. I'm not even 2 weeks post-op, so I'm not even about to try to get away with it. But dang... wish my husband wouldn't have bought it.

10/09/2011 08:51 PM

Just remember, those are empty calories. And, the soda gives you a false feeling of being full due to the carbonation. I have tried drinking it after it goes stale, but still makes me feel icky. Strange because I can drink a beer, which also has carbonation. Not sure what the difference is, unless it's the sugar. Take small sips after it goes flat, like Bailey suggested. You'll learn what your body can handle.

10/09/2011 11:34 PM

ha ha that did make me laugh Smile Can't have Pepsi but can have beer, how handy Smile I wondered why your posts were always so cheerful and happy Smile Your new diet plan is obviously a small potato, some gravy and 10 cans of the finest ale Wink Love it

And everyone, remember, what works for one won't always work for another. The surgery truly does work differently with us all, so just because JB can have beer, for example, I tried a small glass on my birthday and no way would it work. Although I then was given a Jack Daniels and a small bit of flat Pepsi by my dad, and it worked fine Smile

Although be warned. Again, remember we have no food to absorb things, including alcohol. So, don't have more than one drink, or you will find you get tipsy wayyy more quicker than you ever did.

10/10/2011 09:26 PM

You are so funny, Bailey! Like a mind reader! Smile When we go to the pub, I always order a baked potato and Stella. Yummy. I can only drink the beer as fast as I pee it out (my old boss calls that recycling). Smile

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