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05/08/2011 03:17 PM

Mothers Day

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Smile I just wanted to wish all my fellow WLS Moms a Very Happy Mothers Day! Hope you all have a great day. Smile

05/08/2011 07:20 PM

Thanks!! And same to you! Smile

05/08/2011 10:49 PM

I had to check on this the other day, how is it Mothers Day in the US is like a month or more later than the one in Europe? Smile I was reading an article on it actually, and it was a lady in America that created Mothers Day. She actually hated how it turned out, and said it was meant to be a day of children showing love for their mothers for one day, and not a commercial excuse for people to have to spend money! Is it true it would be called a Hallmark Day there?

05/09/2011 07:41 PM

Most holidays in America have been over-commercialized. Breakfast, brunch, dinner, flowers, candy, cards...poor family feels so obligated to BUY something.

It is wonderful when the kids are young because the schools usually have them make something in art class. Those are special gifts--I still have everything my children ever made for me. Smile Or when they make you breakfast in bed. I still prefer to spend my time with my kids. We ordered pizza and enjoyed an evening at home. Plus, a day at the soccer field watching my son's team play. The coach even had all the boys wish us a happy Mother's Day and give us hugs before the game. Very sweet.

What is it in England? Is it for mother's or the Queen Mother? Just curious.

05/09/2011 10:49 PM

No, actually they differ from England and America.

In the UK, it's actually called Mothering Sunday, it's just most people call it Mother's Day now, but technically it's not. Originally, it was Roman and they used it to honour a Roman God of motherhood. That tradition went away, but it was brought back by the Catholic church in the 1920's as Mothering sunday, which is the fourth Sunday in lent.

My mum does actually Smile I remember making things at school for Easter and Mother's Day, and she has a box in the attic with everything in it, I think some of the things were pretty cool, even if I do say so myself Smile She hardly looks at them but she can't bare to throw them out Smile


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