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04/17/2011 05:04 PM

I am in a slump

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Ok, so I know that i posted about seeing the Doc due to all the hair that I am loosing. I go in on Tues and see what they say.

However, I have fallen into a slump. I only step on the scale 1 time a week, and that darn this doesnt want to move. I have been very busy with the flooding season at hand, so I have not been able to stick to my exercise plan like normal, but I have had days with lots of sandbagging.

I can say that I have not been as stern with my self and my diet. But I have not been eating crap either.

I am starting to get down on myself and loose ambition between the 2 (hairloss and the NONE moving scale). It cant stay this way or I will not reach my goals. I was doing so well at first and now I am having issues.

I am starting to fear that I will not loose any more weight and I am only at 4 months post-op. and down 66 pounds. They say the prime time to loose is the first 12-18 months.

I am hiking up the protein(even though it was ok amounts daily) and going to crack the whip on my foods. Please tell me that I will start to loose more and that I have not messed things up and have reached a final weight. Sad


04/18/2011 09:37 AM

Don't panic! You may have hit a plateau. My body liked to take a break every 20 lbs to catch up. I stopped losing the fast weight around the 4-month mark, too. I lost 70 lbs pretty quickly, then slowed down to just 1-2 lbs a week (if any!). Saw the doc at my 6 month checkup and he said it will be slower now and that was good for me. He said 1-2 lbs a week is perfect until I reach my goal. He wants my protein at 60 grams per day (I also don't get enough in most days).

So, don't stress (that's not good for weight loss either). Every body is different. don't worry about how much everyone else is losing because they all have different goals. Someone who needs to lose 300 lbs will lose faster than someone that needs to lose 100 lbs. If you're not gaining, don't's normal. Smile

When you see your doc, let him know your concern and he'll let you know if anything needs to be tweaked. I imagine that as long as your labs are good and your calories are low and you're not gaining, he'll probably reassure you that all is well.

Hang in there and let us know how your doc visit goes!! (((HUGS)) Smile

04/26/2011 01:31 PM
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Just an update, I saw my Doc.(actually it was the dietary lady) anyhow, she thinks my hair loss is just the normal stages. She said that my protein levels are good. Thats good. SHe is having me take Biotin, says that can help, so I have been. Not sure if it is helping yet or not, still to ealry to tell.

04/29/2011 09:21 AM

Good news!! I take Biotin, also to help prevent/lessen the hair loss. I'm a little over 7 months out and the hair loss seems to be slowing down. So keep up on the Biotin! Smile

05/02/2011 01:08 AM
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I'm at the 8 month mark and the hairloss has slowed so have hope! Also you haven't broken your body I hit a plateu to so it does happen you WILL lose the weight as long as you follow the plan and don't slack on exercise spring is here the perfect time to exercise make it a fun hobby and it will get easier

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