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12/15/2010 05:48 PM

pain under left ribcage

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Today I tried some stage three foods for breakfast about 5 am - I had 1/4 slice of whole wheat toast, 1 oz of Greek Yogurt, and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. I was too full to eat it all - so left the crust of the bread, and a bit each of the yogurt and peanut butter.

About 10 AM, I started to notice a pain underneath my left rib cage...about three inches up and to the left of my belly button. I can't decide if it's pain from eating (which to me seems like I should have taken less than 5 hours to kick in....)or from bending over too many time to pick up the mess my children made in the living room. I took a nap, and it got better, but occasionally really aches.

When you guys have pain from trying different foods, what is like, and where do you typically feel it?bb


12/18/2010 08:54 AM

Bread just doesn't sit well with me. Usually I feel my food pain up in my chest and throat, like it won't go down. When I feel pain in my "belly", it's usually bad gas or a bout of diarreha (sp?) about to come on. I hate that stuff. Try a gas-x strip to ease the gas pain. The other stuff, you'll feel much better after it's out. (Sorry for the grossness.)

I hope you're feeling better soon. Good luck!

12/18/2010 09:13 AM

Bread will always be easier for post surgery patients if it's been toasted. I have no idea why, but since surgery, I have worked out it's not about food groups, it's about texture of food. Get the texture right, and you're fine

12/26/2010 11:19 AM

I'll have to try toast, thanks Bailey!

12/31/2010 12:01 PM
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I have avoided the bread issue pretty much as I always loved breads, cakes, pies.. etc.. I eat crackers and combo's.. but that is as far as I push the bread. I feel if I would add the toast, soon it would be more..

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