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10/13/2010 10:50 PM

Random things

RockOnSMILEPosts: 153

The pain I've been experiencing is not MS related. I don't know if it's Fibro related. They are both excellent doctors and I'd recommend them to anyone, but I can see where things get blurry in trying to decide what's what.

Does anyone have all over body discomfort that turns into hurting and then pain? I have all over body discomfort... and I don't use that term lightly. I mean, it really, really hurts. I feel like I'm broken.

I've been given a higher dose of Lyrica and I can take Tramadol more, if needed, but I like to stay away from that.

I also just get into these moods where I feel like no one understands so I go in my room and cry my eyes out. Then my family, obviously concerned and wanting to help, comes in and I yell at them to go away, or sometimes to stay, or just need to talk to someone; anyone.

The good news is that I got a therapist I like. Someone I can discuss all this nonsense with. Amen to that. And to all you listeners that are reading this... Amen to yoou Smile

-hugs to all-

May your days seem brighter and your heart a little warmer <3 Tongue


10/14/2010 07:55 AM
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girl i am soooooo sorry that you have to deal with this $h!t!!!! but i do know what you are talking about and feeling! ii hope that makes you feel better!! and i think annamarie and chickie can atest to it too!!! it does definatley sound like a fibro thing. unfortunatley, ost of the unaccounted for symptoms you have can probab;y be paired with fibro. ughhh. i hope you have a much better day today and im sending oodles and noodles of gentle hugs!

love always!


10/14/2010 04:58 PM
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I'm sorry Hun!

But I'm glad it's the not the ms progressing! Next time you feel like that, come on here and rant to us Smile thats what we're for!

The pain can be extremely intense - that does sound like fibro. I hope the lyrics helps!

And take the trammadol if you need to - okay? (only if your doc reccommends it though)

Sending you giant gentle hugs! Love you girl!!!


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