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03/17/2011 03:34 AM

Heavy pressure in back of neck??(page 2)

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Thought I should post that I solved my heavy head problem. For 2 years, my head felt incredibly heavy, like a bowling ball that my neck could barely support. No meds seemed to help, nor did occupational therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist. Neck was stiff also. Lying down didn't seem to help at all. Felt like spine was compressed and I had the inclination to hang upside down to release the pressure. (Never helped.)

After way too long, I discovered it was likely the Adderall I was taking (for adult ADD). My discomfort was completely gone after going off of the Adderall. In the 18 months since I've been off of Adderall, I have, on 5 occasions, taken 1/2 an Adderall (10mg) to help me focus on various projects. Each time, the stiff neck, heavy head problems returned for several days afterwards. The Adderall also caused me to clench my jaw & grind my teeth at night, which could have resulted in the rest of the problems.

Lastly, when I was suffering, the only thing that felt good was stretching out, belly up, over a giant exercise ball w/ arms outstretched and neck stretched way back. It didn't solve any problems but felt good while I was doing it.

Thought I'd share and hope this helps someone.

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03/17/2011 09:13 AM

Mi get this often, and mine gets like that when watching tv, on cpu, or reading, so I constantly have to strectch my head and look up as far as I can go. But yes, like right now, it's doing its thing on me. From about my neck to the very top of my back. I just told my hubby it hurts, then my 2 year old daughter got behind me and started to massage it! I'll take it, honeybunz! Lol I pray you all get better soon! We've gotta figure this one out, hurts like heck!

03/17/2011 09:59 AM
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Randi, WELCOME! That's great that you have found some releif. I have the same prblems with my shoulders and neck hurting, stiff and the pain is unreal.

My problem is the vertibras in my neck are fuseing together and when I'm under alot of stress, it only gets worse and thee is nothing they can do. No meds have helped. Warm towels or heating pad helps me sleep sometimes, but the pain is so bad.

I am glad that you have joined our group. Post as often as you as like. Any problems that you may have, feel free to share and we will be here to help you. Again, WELCOME!


03/20/2011 12:57 PM
greenmomPosts: 140

"Bowling ball head" !! Yes, I can relate. I try to use my hands to lift my head off my neck but of course that doesn't work. At least now I know I'm not alone with this one.

05/20/2011 08:01 AM
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I don't get the heavy head feeling but i get horrible pain in my neck/shoulder/upper back on my left side. Heating pads and the chiropractor help, though. I have a bone in that area that likes to go out of place, according to the chiro.

01/18/2012 12:22 PM
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Also have the same problem. I am 17 years old. Just as Sandi it feels like my head is too heavy for body to carry, sometimes when the doctor lifts my head up with his it feels like losing the weight of my head. I also have a concentration problem, but the greatest problem i have hyperhydrosis don't know if its related to the other feelings.. looking for a cure

10/17/2012 02:41 PM
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I have had the same problem for years. I told my doctor that my head felt too heavy for my neck, like a bobblehead. My doctor ordered XRays, but the Xrays came back with nothing. I am going for an MRI next, because sometimes Xrays don't show everything. I recently started seeing a Rheumatologist, and he said that if the MRI comes back negative that is good news. He said that would mean that it is muscle related. I just want them to figure this out, because my neck bothers me daily, and is causing my migraines to be more intense and more frequent. I actually have migraines daily now, and sometimes the medicine just doesn't help at all. I have a lot of other symptoms, so I totally get the feeling of being a hypochondriac. I have felt this way for awhile, so I was only telling my doctor some of the more frustrating symptoms, but now I am telling them everything. The total symptoms are getting worse, and now it is getting difficult to function each day. I am a single parent, so I really don't have the time to be sick, but now by 3 in the afternoon between my neck and eyes the fatigue consumes me. I have been able to arrange a short nap at that point, but I have been late several times picking up my 11 year old at school due to my short naps. I wish everyone the best with finding help with all these problems. It seems to me that many times that the stubborn people that don't like complaining are the ones that suffer the longest. Stay strong and complain. Don't worry about the doctor thinking your crazy or anyone else, because it is your body that is suffering. Good luck and God Bless!

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