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04/09/2012 12:16 PM

Medical Marijuana(page 53)

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AMEN! ... Anyone remember Prohibition? Alcohol was looked at as a drug and now it's as legal as your mayo if you're over 21. As far as I'm concerned marijuana is a plant, it was put here for a reason - TO USE TO HELP US! Anything that helps us live without pain was MADE FOR US TO USE! Better than medications, right? No side effects that make us nuts! ... I've heard tons of people afraid that Marijuana is a gate way drug which is NOT true. You can make it one but, not if you're looking for pain relief and that's it, period end of discussion. I'm not looking to "get high" I'm looking to get relief! ... Sorry, I preached. Smile

04/09/2012 12:23 PM

The only reason that Alcohol is legal is because the Government figured out a way to tax it and control it coming in and out. If they could figure out a way to tax Marijuana too and control it then that would be legal too. Alcohol is surely not legal cause they care about people's health. It is one of the most abused drugs and it is legal. Think about it. If they cared so much then why is it legal? Because they can tax it. Plain and simple. Wink

04/09/2012 12:56 PM
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So it's been a few months that I have been medicating with MJ and it has been months of learning which ones help the most. Learning strains, and how to cook things and just wow so much information.

I tried one type that seemed to enhance my pain I later found out the strain it was and will avoid it. I haven't had any side effects from it, and am actually loosing weight(not that i needed to Sad) I think it's because i'm able to be more active I don't know the last few months have changed my life. However, I never would of done it without the pain. But having just a little less pain everyday is worth the stigma I guess.

05/05/2012 12:39 PM
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Hi. I live in California and did get my prescription for Medical Marijuana. Unfortunately it didn't help me as much for the pain but it helped me with other things, so that is why I went ahead and paid for the script. I hope it helps others though. It can also be a matter of trial and error with the strain you buy. I haven't tried but a few kinds, so maybe there is something out there better than what I've tried.

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05/05/2012 12:55 PM
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Welcome to the fibro group!

I am sorry, but I unfortunately live in a state that is behind the times 200 years, and does not allow medical mj. I sure wish it did. However, I just wanted to make sure that I welcomed you. I am sure someone will be around soon who is in a state that believes it can actually help people. Hope to get to know you better! HUGS

05/05/2012 01:13 PM
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Hi Mabri! Thank you for the welcome Smile I'm sorry to hear your in a state that doesn't have it legal for medical use. I'm sure the other states will catch up soon. To be honest, I wasn't going to go get my script and pay the $100 for it until I knew it mj would help me. And just my own opinion here, if I couldn't get my script and it did in fact help me, I would do it anyway lol

06/25/2012 09:07 PM
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As a warning to all Fibromyalgia sufferers who consider Marijuana for whatever reason, I would like to share my personal experience.

I'm a healthy (sort of lol) 43yo man, who had never touched Marijuana until 3 days ago. I'm currently taking 600mg Tramadol, 150mg Lyrica daily and a Norspan 20mg patch weekly. I have a lot of trouble sleeping and had only 6hrs of sleep in 3 days when my neighbour suggested some Hash (Marijuana) cake would probably make me sleep for 2 days. I resisted his suggestion at first but was finally convinced after he googled weed and Tramadol and didn't find anything bad.

Within one hour of eating a large slice of the hash cake I was in a bad way.

It caused me very disturbing symptoms:

    Mental symptoms:


    Massive Paranoia

    Hearing voices/sounds


    Self harm ideation

    Speech cluttering

    Physical symptoms:


    Loss of balance/motor control

    Rapid eye blinking

    Dry mouth/throat

    Excessive thirst

    Over hydration in response to the thirst

    Dyspnoea (Breathing difficulty)


    Crippling muscular & joint pain

    Feeling of intense boiling heat


    Parosmia (intense perception of odours)

    Blurry/double vision

    Pleuritic pain (Chest pain) I thought I was having a heart attack so was banging on my own chest to try to restart my heart. I have bruising on my right pectoral muscle.

All of this is documented by people who had similar experiences here : hydrochloride-and-hash

I also desperately wanted to be dead, even though I have a 5yo son and a strong will to live. If I'd had a gun in the house I would have shot myself in the head without hesitation to make it stop. It's the worst experience in my life and it went on for 8hrs before anybody got there to help me.

My doctor said if I hadn't vomited up the cake and extra Tramadol and Lyrica I'd taken, I'd have quite possibly slipped into a coma. As I'd done a VERY good job of barricading the front door of my house because of the rampant paranoia. It would have been a long time before anybody could have got in to offer me medical assistance.

So yeah, Marijuana and Tramadol, Lyrica etc. NOT a good idea.


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06/25/2012 09:14 PM
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Thanks for the story, Jorn. I'm really sorry it had such a bad effect on you! That really is scary. Hashish is typically much more potent than marijuania, and affects people differently. However it always goes back to the grade. I know many people who Use marijuania for pain and it makes their daily living bearable. I don't personally but I'm glad it helps others. I would really question your neighbor. Are you sure that's what he put in the brownies, and nothing else??

I hope you feel better soon, and again, thanks for sharing your story.

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06/25/2012 09:19 PM

Am I seeing the same post like 3 times? Shocked Shocked Shocked

06/25/2012 09:20 PM
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I see it twice unless I'm just sleepy

Ok three who's messin with us??

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