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05/15/2012 06:28 AM


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Over the past few weeks, I have been expereincing more brain fog, confusion, anxiety, extreme fatigue and depression. I am seeing a new Psychiatrist due to Insurance and he started me on Adderall. I am not so sure about it, although, it is nice to have when I can barely get out of bed. It helps with the brain fog, but, it kinda makes me feel less social, like I want to be alone a lot. At the last visit, he changed my dose to an extended release, so that may make a big difference, I am still waiting on insurance to approve, so I dunno.

So, my question is, has anyone else tried Adderall for brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety?

I would love to hear about any experiences with this medication! Thanks so much!


05/15/2012 01:24 PM
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Welcome! Your question is a good one. I take Adderall for the fatigue just like you. And its not the extended one. I can not afford my meds so I buy the cheaper version of it. Its helped me out big time.

Now does it make me anti social? No, but being in pain and not sleeping well because of pain makes me want to be alone. I work 2 part time jobs, so I can not say that this is what it does to me with this medication. Take a look at every thing going on in your life and your medical condition. Perhaps you are having fatigue and pain, and depression comes with Fibro.

I suffer with depression too. And there are days that I withdrawal from my husband and he just thinks I am tired. I do not sleep well and he does. So he thinks I just need to be alone because I want to sleep.

Write down all of your symptoms and share them with your husband, doctor and anyone else who matters in your life. This way they can perhaps help you when you are having a bad day.

Take care and keep posting so you can see all of our ups and down and what makes us a great group!!!

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06/05/2012 05:04 PM
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I was prescribed adderall for distracted, ADD and "mental fog" (i was a daydreamer in school-but still on deans list - haha)

I haven't worked for 3 years and had to move away from my young adult kids to be housed and helped by my over 75 year old parents (go figure) just doing basic grocery, house chores increases overall pain.

Unexpected results:

**migraines stopped since on adderall (never had a break in my history like this)

**improved focus in first couple hours after dose

**less anxious

**overall horrid flu-like achy feeling not as intense - some days/weeks worse than others

BEST combo for me is

+adderall + 1/2 vicodin in am within 2 hours take brisk walk even if up and down block then by 1pm same dz

+valium at night vic if pain wakes me up

+walking +walking +walking

(my dr has me take 1/2 10mg 2x day - to save on rx it is cheaper for me to have higher dose less pills and just 1/2 them


VEGAN diet

EAT every 2-3 hours something nutritious and try to eat lots of raw veggies - since removing wheat and packaged foods such as potato chips & snacky stuff my stomach aches have decreased

06/05/2012 05:48 PM
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I thought I heard something in the news on Adderall recently so I googled it and there was an FDA warning on fake Adderall buying online. Yours is probably fine but I thought I would still mention it, just in case. online-fda-warns/

06/05/2012 06:33 PM
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i won't even buy my dog supplies online ! good heads up tho.

06/05/2012 08:19 PM
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Welcome to the group. It sounds like you have really done some lifestyle changes. That is great. Glad to hear that it has helped you. I have never taken anything like Adderall. I have always been a slug, and never had ADD or ADHD, but my youngest daughter did. They had her on Ritalin....what a nightmare...

Anyways, glad to hear that it is helpful. HUGS

06/05/2012 08:54 PM
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Welcome and I dont know about adderal but take effexor for Anxiety and fog

sorry cant be of help but just wanted too say Hi.



06/05/2012 09:56 PM
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gosh, you all are so nice to welcome me and comment.

( hi mabri : you'd be surprised at how add manifests it is quite interesting. while i seem calm i have dx. my daughter on the other hand is a ping pong ball! )

i found this site because i realized how much my stomach hurts after i eat and i feel flu achy and fevered - but w/out fever so much so that sometimes i don't even eat. so, until dr appt i am adding this to my FMS symptoms.

(hi rubberman: i too have 4 cervical discs and all lumbar discs torn, bulged, and various other terms given to such spinal disruption. that was what started the flurry of ailments - the CFS and FMS and cervical dystonia ... who knows really, ? seriously, i should know the other dxs but i'm all fogged out.

anyway, that is why i wanted to share how the adderall wiped out the migraines - such a relief to be rid of 1 major ouch !

to happiness and good deeds, nite


i am not a doctor or medically trained so cant advise on anything medical please consult a doctor

06/06/2012 12:20 AM
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I tried Adderal and it wasn't helpful for me, then tried Ritalin and have had much better results.I was taking Nuvigil until my insurance company stopped covering it and I had to scramble to find something that helped my fatigue levels. I preferred Nuvigil because its not a narcotic, but I'd still rather take Ritalin than be lieing in bed half the day...

Good luck with your attempts,



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