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04/01/2012 06:11 PM

Tips to remember medications(page 2)

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The more I realize how alike other people are with fibro the more real this becomes for me. I forget all the time to take my cymbalta and I always feel like hell from it. I don't realize I forgot to take it until the next day. A pill box only helps if I can't remember If I took my meds, which thankfully doesnt happen very often. I like the idea of putting sticky notes places. I will try that.

04/01/2012 06:14 PM

Put the pill box in a place that you will see it a lot during the day.

Like in the kitchen or on the night table in your bedroom.

Just a few suggestions! Smile

05/07/2012 07:41 AM
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SO glad I found this thread. I was about to post one to ask for advice.

After reading those articles I see how badly I have been in keeping track. I need help. I am so overwhelmed and I know I will be receiving more medications on top of what I have. I just feel stressed. The other night I took a lasix sp? pill instead of the amitriptline sp? and of course went to the bathroom ALLL night long.

I work full time and have to have the meds with me all day. I get so confused with the "take this but if you need two it's ok but then don't take this other one". etc..etc..

And to make matter worse I have a very ill dog who is diabetic (with 2 shots daily) and blind (4 different types of drops 3 x a day) and pain meds. I don't know if I'm coming or going.

I NEED to get this part of my life organized so I can take better care of my little Sammy and of myself. It won't do us any good to miss medications or take the wrong one. I'm getting so forgetful.

Thanks for the links. Smile I have a few questions.

Can anyone recommend a pill organizer that is easy to work with? And if you have pills that look similar how do you know you are taking the right one? I cannot carry a huge container with me at work, but I need organization.

Can anyone recommend a Droid APP or something that would help me? I have my cell phone alarm set for Sammy's meds. I don't want to get them messed up. He could die if I miss a shot.

Also, I am completely frustrated with refills. I can't seem to get them filled when I should. I have a small pill organizer, little bottles in my bag and a huge box at home. But when I take the pills out of the bottles I get confused about which one is which and unless I look at the bottle I forget to get refills.

My work is changing RX providers next week. I know they will have an automatic refill available but they bill my bank card right away and I've had so many times where I have had to buy meds only to be told to stop taking them. I don't want to keep spending money if I don't need it. So I don't want to have automatic refills right away. I have no idea how that is going to work. I would like to get off on the right start. Any tips anyone can think of? I need to keep my medications in my bedroom because my young granddaughters come over and I'm not taking any chance having meds out.

I am thinking about buying a new pill assortment box and a make-up type bag to carry it in. And I could use index cards maybe to write a list or notes or something to help me stay organized. That way nobody here would see what was in the bag.

My apologies for rambling on. Wink


05/07/2012 08:08 AM
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I bought a pill bottle top with a timer in it it is great had up to 6 alarms on it. This way I never miss a dose as if I do I am in a lot of pain

05/07/2012 09:11 AM
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wow i would love one of those where did u find it at ??? cause i'm always for getting to talk my Med's until i start getting dizzy.

05/07/2012 09:41 AM
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I never heard of them but just found a few on Amazon. I'll have to look around.

10/01/2013 09:51 AM
sammykatePosts: 491

Since the kids went back to school, I have been terrible about remembering to take my medication and all of my supplements. it's frustrating, because I had actually work out a regimen that seems to help somewhat, but I cannot stick to it. We have just been so busy, and, while we have a routine, it is sort of loosey-goosey. My husband and I trade off who gets up early with our eldest who is in Jazz Band at school, which is a "zero-period" class, meaning it takes place for the hour before school starts. Whomever gets to sleep in then gets up with the younger two and helps them get ready for school. Sometimes he drives the younger girls on his way to work, and sometimes I drive them. Sometimes I cook breakfast, sometimes he does. Sometimes I make coffee, and sometimes I don't. It is an orderly sort of chaos. I don't always go to bed at the same time, I don't always shower at the same time. Some days I am home all day, and some days I am running all over town.

I read all of the tips here, and I have tried a lot of them already, but I am so forgetful that, even if a timer goes off, I might not remember what it's for. It seems ridiculous to me that I can't remember to swallow a single pill before I fall asleep. That's it. Some people have so much more to remember. I have to take a single pill at night, and a bunch of supplements in the morning. I keep the pill bottle on my nightstand. You would think seeing it would remind me, but, I swear, sometimes, I am so tired when I go to bed that it doesn't even register. There have been a couple of times when I have seen it, remembered, then realized I don't have a glass of water, and just fallen asleep. Why don't I go get a damned glass of water???!!?!! I don't know!

This morning, I remembered that I needed to take all of my supplements, but it just so happened that the plumber showed up half an hour early (that never happens, right?), just as we were wrapping up all of the kitchen stuff and making sure kids were ready to walk out the door. I was actually going to take everything while they were getting backpacks and shoes, but then I couldn't be in the kitchen (which is where I keep my supplements, since it's where I spend most of the morning). I did remember to take them when I got home, which is remarkable. I forget so often that I wonder if there is any point in taking them when I remember (I know. There is.)

Anyway, I doubt there is any more advice for me. I have all the tools, I know what to do, I just have to remember to DO it. Nevertheless, I found this thread while looking for advice, and I thought it had a lot of good ideas, so I wanted to bring it up front, in case anyone else is struggling with this.

10/01/2013 05:59 PM
SaraFibroPosts: 3
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Do you have a smartphone? There are lots of great apps that will remind you not only when to take your pills, but exactly what pills to take! I tried out 2 or 3 before finding one that I liked. Eventually it became second nature and with a different phone now I can't remember the name of the app!

10/01/2013 10:12 PM
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I program reminders into my calendar app on my phone. It'll repeat daily for up to a year; then I guess I'll have to re-program it.

10/05/2013 08:49 AM
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I use as pill box and also set my alarm on my phone having it remind me which pills to take at what time.

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