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11/06/2011 05:03 PM

Anyone take Effexor


Does anyone here take Effexor for pain, fatigue, or depression?

I am thinking it will have more effect on pain and fatigue than my current AD. I could then add some tramadol to it.

I am still very much tweaking my medicines to deal with this fibromyalgia. I know I ask a lot of meds questions Dizzy

I may have mentioned before, I have worked to overcome a long severe major depression, and kept being told by doctors that depression was responsible for my pain and fatigue. Well, I am not really depressed anymore, just sickPinch

So much for their theories.

O.K. Anyone using Effexor, and if so, how goes it?


11/06/2011 05:22 PM
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I have used it before both plain effexor and effexor ER. I am a big med weirdo here so don't take anything I say into account. But it didn't do anything for me. It was like taking a sugar pill. But then again most everything is like that for me.

11/07/2011 08:49 AM
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I was on Effexor XR 300mg for several years.

Using Tramadol in conjunction with a SSRI or SNRI can be tricky. Tramadol acts on serotonin and too much serotonin is a bad thing. Be sure to know your max daily dose of Tramadol to stay safe.

11/07/2011 12:58 PM


Did Effexor help you with pain at all?

Thanks for the heads up regarding tramadol. I had taken 400 Ultram ER when on Cymbalta and Pristiq together! I asked my provider at the time, and he said as long as I strictly did not go over the 400mg limit, I should be fine. He was less worried about serotonin syndrome and more about siezures.

You said did take Effexor. Did it stop working for you (may I ask)?

Thank you both Hatbox and Crimsonshemon for you replies.

01/15/2012 03:42 PM
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I was on effexor but switched to cymbalta. that and tramadol is really helping me.

01/31/2012 04:57 AM
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I`ve been on effexor for many years. I like it.

One good thing about it is i went thru the `change` with ease b/c of it. I took no hormones or anything.

Its horrible to withdraw from- have tried but its really nasty. My doc says ?? "its working for you so stay on it!"


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