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08/19/2008 06:58 AM

IBS a sidekick?

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Has anyone noticed one of Fibro's sidekicks for many

is IBS?



08/19/2008 07:33 AM

I have heard that IBS is a sidekick to fibro. I have had digestive problems for about 8 years now. Terrible, terrible that's the last thing we need to accompany the fibro huh. Hang in there.

08/19/2008 08:13 AM
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Yes, and I have it...was diagnosed about 10 years ago. As if you aren't miserable enough, then you get the joy of wondering if diarrhea or constipation will be your partner for the day.

08/19/2008 11:05 AM

Put me on the list. I have had IBS all my life. The medicines are confusing the IBS. Got to go, no I don't have to go, yes I have to go. You know the phrase. Either_______or get off.

08/19/2008 11:20 AM
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Blush IBS is soooo embarrasing and painful. if we don't have enough pain to deal with on a daily basis, huh?Grin

I have also had IBS from a young age (overbearing mother and a passive personality just don't mix). I finally found something that helped me, but it took me months to completely get it under control (where non-IBS sufferers got better overnight). It was worth it though...after terrible months of hitting myself in the abdomen from frustration (I don't recommend that).

anyway, years later I manage the IBS with 1/3c of Bran Buds every morning and 1/2c to 1c 'real' yogurt. Too much fiber and/or too little fiber can trigger flare ups and the balance has been hard to determine. There are also foods and drinks that make it worse.

I think I am rambling...Whistling

08/19/2008 11:51 AM
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Sign me up for this club!! I was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago. then fibro in April. Like a double whammy--and not a good one either. I sure don't have the miracle cure, just take it one day at a time.

08/20/2008 01:23 AM
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I've had IBS for about 20 years, but was only diagnosed with fibro in Feb of this year. All I know is that for the last 6 weeks the fibro's been really bad and so has the IBS. In fact, one of the blood tests showed my potassium was so low I had to get an RX filled and take 2 twice a day for 3 days last week, then go to one a day. Makes sense to me that it's 'cause nothings staying in right now!

Hhhmmmm, which do I prefer...not going for over a week? Or having to plan when I eat around when I have a bathroom near??? :o) Seriously, I started pushing fiber because my cholesterol is sky high. After reading tggauntt's post I'm sure that didn't help any. (It didn't help anyway, my cholesterol's out of control no matter what I do...)

08/20/2008 01:56 AM
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I have never been dx with IBS but when I was 2 years old my mom told me I had to be addmitted to hospital because I was so constipated then she said something about a fisher and by colon. I have always had a problem with constipation, always. To put it milderly I am always full of sh**. Now that I know this, I eat Frosted Mini Wheats everyday and I take 2 to 3 pills of stool sofeners every night and that makes it so I can go once every 2 or 3 days. I keep an eye on it and make sure I go. I do not really know what it is to have diarrhea.

I had it once that I remember and that was when I had food poisoning and I had it for about 2 to 3 weeks. I was so sick for so long, I got it from my work, there was a lot of people sick, about 150 go 200 people.

08/20/2008 05:41 AM
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I was DX with ileitis in May of this year. I was told it is all connected one way or another. Aren't we the lucky ones?

Take care and soft hugs to all. Joan

09/25/2008 12:12 PM
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I was diagnosed with IBS a few months before my fibro dx at the end of September. I never have a problem with constipation, it's always the otherBlink My gastro dr. has me on Omeperzole and Dicyclomine. So far, it isn't helping. I can tell, though, that when I have additional stressors I get worse and I have totally eliminated all dairy products as well as nuts. I have never had allergies, but now nuts and vanilla make my throat itch and milk products make me instantly stuffy and make me cough something terrible. Anyone else notice a change in allergies or food tolerances? All of this is new (the dx, not the pain! hehehe) so I am trying to learn all I can. Thanks so much for all of you that have given your time to post on this site.



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