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08/03/2009 07:41 AM

If I couldn't laugh, I'd cry!


Starring me! Also staring my side kick failed back surgery. Special guest appearance by fibromyalgia.

*Note – The roles of my peer-coworkers will be played by me because they are scheduled off or have acute illnesses to attend to. The role of my boss will be played also by me.

Our Story Begins.

Our bald and decrepit hero pharmacist wakes up late from his self induced coma that he must be put into to get a good night sleep. He looks into the mirror and sees the face puffiness he has come to expect from his Lyrica. Another lovely Monday morning, he thinks to himself.

Moaning and complaining he walks into the kitchen to make coffee, a brew he considers a true gift from God to man. Glancing over at the refrigerator, he sees his schedule. He is due in at work today at 7:00am. Glancing up at the clock, he sees it is 6:55am. No coffee this morning, all is lost!

Driving furiously to work, he hopes one of the large and angry trucks he shares the road with will take him out. For he believes it is better to die on a Monday morning on the way to work, than on a Friday evening on the way home from work. He is cursing every and all parts of his stupid life, stupid back, stupid fibromyalgia, stupid medications, and stupid job. Suddenly, an angle's voice appears from the radio. Etta James is singing “the blues is my business, and business is good”. Silently our dilapidated hero whispers “rock on Etta, rock on”.

Approaching the gates of his hell on earth known as work, he realizes he will be ½ hour late. All hope is lost

Entering the building, he sees the Devil's minions. A small group of pharmacy technicians are waiting and looking at him as if he planned to be late all morning and scowling at him just for the joy of it.

Once inside, our ramshackle hero receives more good news. Two pharmacists are off, a third was expected to call off due to a serious family, now the fourth and last pharmacist has a family emergency.

Yet our infirm and wasted hero is not alone. Like demons picking on the bones of a dying man, his constant companions Failed Back Syndrome and Fibromyalgia have not abandoned him. They bash, belt, biff, blow, bop, box and buffet his entire body

Our antiquated and battered hero has given up hope. Like Job, he curses the day he was born.

Then from nowhere an angle appears bringing a libation from God, COFFEE!

Our Hero smiles! I just might survive this day Etta, I just might!

The End.

Special thanks to, Etta James, and to my wife who brought me coffee.


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08/03/2009 09:59 AM
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That's quite a story. Your wife was awfully sweet to bring you that cup of coffee!

08/03/2009 02:21 PM
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VIP Member are.


08/03/2009 05:27 PM
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That is awesome.. Rock on man! That is how I feel most days and my angel is my hubby with a cooffee Smile LOL

Thank god they can read minds lol

Thank you for that personal story you made me smile...hugs

08/06/2009 04:06 PM
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lol - loved your narration there. Sorry it couldn't have been fiction

08/06/2009 04:19 PM
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I love the part about monday and Friday how true that is. love the story I relate so well..

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