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02/25/2012 01:39 AM

Done with tests(page 2)

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Amy well dear at least you have a diagnosis with the POTS now and can hopefully get situated with some meds instead of eating salt. You are still in my prayers dear, sorry I haven't been around much lately. Hugs and Love

02/26/2012 06:56 PM
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Thanks. I'm still having to eat the salt. But the fludrocortisone is a salt steriod that will help me retain more. I'm hoping that I'm one of those who can go off them after a little while and not one who has to stay on them. She said it could go either way. I HATE steriods, but it's better to start this one while trying to build the other stuff up before I go without it. I'm mostly worried about it decreasing my bone mass. I am prone to and have had osteopenia(worked my way up to a low normal with loads of calcium recently).

At least I know I'm not nuts when I bend over and about pass out or when I lay down and feel like my throat is closing up.


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