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10/20/2008 08:11 PM

Family with Fibro or other related syndromes


There seems to be some research that fibro is hereditary are there others in your family with fibro or other related syndromes/diseases? My grandmother has Fibromyalgia along with a bunch of other things. My aunt has fibro and Sjordens syndrome and an autoimmune disease. I believe my mom has it but is in denial. Arthritis also runs in the family on my dads side.

10/20/2008 09:22 PM
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No one that I'm aware of had anything even remotely similar to this in my family.

10/21/2008 08:55 AM

Although she was never formally diagnosed, I believe that my mother had fibro too. Just looking back on all her aches and pains and where they were, convinces me that she had it.

10/21/2008 09:16 AM
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I'm the one in the family who seems to be the self-started with all the goofy stuff. My mom has a history of diverticulitis and colitis, but I ended up with IBS. We have anxiety in my family, as well as some depression but others in the family are not the "psych treatment" types so I wouldn't even know if they had those kinds of issues. I don't know of anyone else who has any autoimmune issues. I have Hashimotos but both my mom and sister were just told they have underactive thyriods.

10/22/2008 06:39 AM
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My grandmothers had osteoporosis (little hunched over Italian women) Laughing My momma has RA and Lupus. My aunt (mom's sister) has Fibro.

I think my momma has fibro too but between the RA and Lupus I think she already figures that. lol

I think it's very interesting how some articles are now saying fibro is a hereditary thing in some families. God, I hope and pray my girls never have to suffer with this!!

My husbands family (the men) all have Hunnington's Korea so neurologically speaking, I think my girls are screwed. Unsure Even if they never develop the disease (and it's pretty rare for women to develop it) they are most likely carriers and can pass it on to their children. Ahhh if I only would have known this before... Blink

10/22/2008 06:42 AM
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My birth mother has fibro, along with a host of other issues, all genetic. She has congestive heart failure and just about every issue of mental health one can have and still be allowed to live in the big ol' world.

10/22/2008 07:04 AM

There's so many things in my family from each side of my parents, I'm doomed even without this most likely. I think my sister and daughter have possible fibro.

10/22/2008 07:08 AM
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As far as I know there is no history of FMS in the family, but in hindsight I have to wonder if my maternal grandmother didnt have it. Mom tells me she lived on aspirin and there was something about the set of her shoulders that reminds me of my own tense neck and shoulders.

My son's other family has a history of Anklosing Spondylitis (males), I prayed to God to give my son good health and to give me his pain the next thing I knew I had Fibromyalgia.

10/22/2008 07:14 AM
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When I was first started on treatment for this, I checked around our family and the closest to Fibro is my cousin KIM who has been diagnosedwith Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.. Although she has a lot of the same pain issues that I have.. The biggest medical threat in my family is Cancer. My MOM and 5 of her sisters all passed from differant forms of cancer. Also four female cousins from these same aunts had passed from this All were below 60 years of age.

10/25/2008 12:32 PM
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I have FMS, and my mother & one of her sisters have both been formally diagnosed also. Her other two sisters have all of the same symptoms, but have not gone in for dx. My sister also has all of the symptoms, but has not gon in for dx... (blessed are those of us with good insurance and can go to the doctor!). My maternal grandmother also had all of the symptoms. My dad's sisters, two have formally been diagnosed, one has the symptoms, and my paternal grandmother seems to also... basically, it appears that most of the women on both sides of my family have it, or something that replicates the symptoms anyway.

I, too, think all three of my poor DDs are screwed. My middle daughter already has symptoms. And, I am one of those who gets all the medical oddities... I'm usually in the category of people where if it's rare for something to happen, it usually happens to me. I just hope I don't pass TOO much on to them. I hate the thought of them living a life of pain like I have. Sad


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