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09/14/2007 07:41 PM

Does anyone know where I left my undies??


Today I can't seem to remember things.I forget my keys. Found them where I usually put them. I forgot to put on a bra until I walked outside to my car. Hey, it's cooling off here. It was quite a wakeup! Fixed that. Forgot my glasses, had to turn around for them. Then I forgot where they were!...found'em. Where they usually go.

Yikes,Blush I'm goin back to bed!

Hope all of your days are great!



09/14/2007 11:51 PM

hahahaha.... i have so many things to say to this... i do know what you mean though. fibrofog, it should be called fibro-nuclear-fusion-fog sometimes. i always have to come back in the house before i have everything i need, and sometimes, they are on my head, around my neck, in my hand... haha, you are not alone!

pondering... all the time!

09/15/2007 02:46 AM

That's exactly what I mean. Wink If you can't laugh at that, you'llcry all the time. I hate crying. I do to much of it. the way...found the undies too Smile

09/15/2007 09:13 AM
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I can't tell you how many times a day I misplace my glasses. Grrrrr It's really frustrating. I have found that Gingko Biloba helps me with the Fibro Fog. IF I take it every day. Since I've been fighting bronchitis this week I've just taken the few Rxs that I have. I can tell a difference today. This must be the way Ms Spears feels everyday???

09/15/2007 12:56 PM

Ginko makes me ill. Does anyone else have any ideas to fight the foggies?

09/19/2007 09:20 AM
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Im not sure about ways of fighting the foggies, but i misplaced my cell phone, glasses, AND FORGOT ABOUT MY DOG! LOL He was outside doing his business and the big dog came in and layed on the couch so i closed the door. 10 minutes later i went to the front door and there he was sitting on the step LOL poor little guy!

09/19/2007 10:59 AM
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Wanna know how IIIIIIIIII fight the fog? I don't! I GO BACK TO BED!!! Then, all I forget to do is GET BACK UP! Wink

Sometimes, that's all we can do and yeah...we GOTTA laugh and not cry over it! I mean, when I'm in a fog, my boyfriend will say something like, "what are ya...some kinda 'special' or somethin?" He IS ONLY KIDDING because he has studied Fibro since the day we met! He hadn't even heard of it until that day! Now, he tries to make me laugh when he knows I really wanna just crawl in a hole, cry like a baby and poke my head out to see if it's still foggy out there every couple of hours or so! But, he tries to make me laugh. And, that's what we ALL NEED TO DO!! We need to LOLOLOL~ Smile

Amanda, I know why you forgot about your were too busy with your new 'you know what buddy'. LMAO...just playin hun!! Did I even make you crack a smile? I sure hope so!

Oh and Smiley...I have forgotten to put a bra on SOO MANY TIMES...I lost count! So, don't feel bad! As soon as you hit the cold get a reminder real quick huh?!?!?! Not only that but it won't be long for me...just a few more birthdays and I'll just tuck em in my waistband anyhow! It'll help pull the wrinkles outta my face!! W00t

Hey you guys...don't feel bad about losing your cell. Get this: One day I was talking to my dad...cell phone to cell phone. He was on his way to Costco and he said, "I'm there". I then heard his car radio shut off, then heard his dinger go off cuz he opened his car door and then he started to mumble. I heard him say, "where the he!!?" I then asked, "Dad, what'd you lose?". Guess what his reply was..........."MY CELL PHONE". UMMMMMMMMM......"FATHER, YOU ARE TALKING ON IT"~

Moral of the story...IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE!!!

Okay, enough flappin' my yapper for now! Take care everyone....

{{{{Fibro Hugs}}}}

Smile ~Suzee~

Post edited by: sweetheartsuzee, at: 09/19/2007 13:03

09/19/2007 01:34 PM
Posts: 142

LOL Suzee! Yes, Im thinking of a name for my bed buddy now...Smile

09/19/2007 01:51 PM

HAHAHAHAHAHA snickersnicker I am so close to the instant face lift it isn't funny...actually it is funny!

11/01/2007 07:08 PM

Oh yeah Smiley...

in my best 'Godfather' impression....

panties, we don't need no stinkin' panties! haha, its been a while, have you found them yet?


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