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04/20/2009 03:05 PM


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Hello from North Carolina

I've been struggling with this pain and fatigue since April last year (2008) It all started when I got meningitis they think it was caused by the epstein barr virus. If that wasn't enough my vision started getting worse and I was seeing spots so I went to the eye Dr. who discovered that I had papilledema caused by pseudotumor cerebri. All this has lead me on a long and expensive journey from one doctor to another. Finally after nearly a year I was refered to a rheumatologist who has diagnosed me with Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) or Fibromyalgia. He is treating me for Fibromyalgia and I am starting to get small bits of relief for the first time. I just started on Lyrica two days ago and it seems to be helping a bit already. Any way I look forward to reading the stories of others on this journey if nothing else but to not feel so alone with this.

Two weeks ago it would have taken me hours to type this much.


04/20/2009 03:09 PM
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Welcome to the site. Wow, it seems like you have been through alot this past year. I hope you continue to make progress. Look around here and post with us, I am sure that you will get plenty of information and meet plenty of people that are in the same shape. GOod luck and hope to see you around.

04/20/2009 03:32 PM

Hi JMC and welcome to our fibro family. I'm sorry for all your pain and different illnesses but I'm glad you found our site. I have a milder form of fibro. I call it my traveling fibro cause it's never in two or more places at the same time. I also have CFS, Sleep Apnea, chronic sleep deprivation, Coronary artery disease, Myocardial infarction with a stent placement, Diabetes, Venous unsufficiency in my rt leg and the list goes on. LOL. I hate getting old. Why don't you take a look at our sites. We have plenty of good information in the forums. We also have a website for the men with fibro (you can belong to both sites) I'm glad that the Lyrica is working for you. I hope that you continue to get better.



04/20/2009 03:40 PM
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Thanks Jan

I didn't know about the forum for men with Fibro, that's what I've been looking for.

04/20/2009 03:46 PM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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JMC, welcome to our group, too! You can hang out in both forums.

We need a few roosters in our hen house!

Hopefully we'll see you around here, too!

04/20/2009 03:47 PM
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Welcome Jmc I'm so glad you found us. We do have a men's group but that doesn't mean you can't be here, only that we can't be there lol They want to talk freely about whatever without judgement from women. We on the other hand talk about everything openly lol

I hope you choose to participate in both. Please feel free to read and post as much as you like, you found a place to be safe and it's ok to feel however you feel. It's heaven on the web.

04/20/2009 03:55 PM
Janilee lounge/452734-hi-all

Fletch2ya is the head of the group. He's a good dude, you 'll like him and the other guys.

04/21/2009 08:19 AM
fesupPosts: 3851
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Wow! jmc

That's alot to deal with. Sure glad your doing better though!

Like the other ladies said, Your definetly welcome here too. I like to get the experiences from the male point of view too. I wish more of them would stop by and give us more input.

Hugs to you

Come visit, say hello!

Do your crashing on the fibro site with the fibro buddies!


04/21/2009 06:13 PM

Welcome JMC! I agree with Tina and the need for a rooster (too funny). I hope you get to feeling better. Looking forward to getting to know you better. {{{HUGS}}}

04/21/2009 07:06 PM
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Hi, guys. I'm a newbie to the forum but definitely no newbie to fibro. I was diagnosed about 12 years ago, but it had been going on for a lot longer, of course. I know that it comes and goes (not really, just relapses and remissions) but does anybody know if there comes a time that it just becomes permanent? I'm asking because I seem to have reached such a point. I'm currently taking 4 Lortab 10's, 4 mg of Tizanadine twice a day, Wellbutrin each a.m., Tramadol 3 times a day and Depakote 250 mg twice a day. I thought the meds would make me "strung out" but there's been no difference. The "fibro fog" is horrible, but that was going on before the meds. I don't know what to do. I no longer feel like I am connected to this world. I see and hear what's going on, but I can't seem to get involved in any of it. Has anyone else experienced this? I totally related to jmc's post about how it would have taken him hours to post that short bit. It's taken me about 45 minutes for this little bit, not because of pain, but because I can't seem to "get it together" to write my thoughts. I type a few words and stop and start into space......then I type a few more words and stare into space............then I type a few more words and start into space. This is heartbreaking to me because I was always the super smart kid, the valedictorian, 4.4 GPA, IQ of 168 and now I feel like a complete and utter idiot. Has anybody ever found anything that helps with this? I've tried talking to the docs about it, but they all seem to blow me off.

Case in point...I've been typing on this since 7:15 and it is now 9:05. Can you imagine it taking this long to type this little bit?


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