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03/21/2009 12:03 AM

I haven't been diagnosed yet....

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but I have never been able to relate to a group of people so well. I think only here could I say "My everything hurts" and be understood.

I sadly confess that I had never even thought that I might have this disorder, because I assumed that when all else failed a group of hypochondriacs united to form this mystery diagnosis. Please forgive my ignorance.

When I couldn't stand the mystery anymore, I decided to at least rule this out. I wasn't expecting to discover that I truly believe this is my problem.

The "icing on the cake" was when I read somewhere on here that even picking out what to wear seemed an unsurmountable task.

Who could sleep for 8 hourrs (whatever that is) I mean to say lie down for 8 hours, be "awake" for three or four, "sleep" another "two or three" be up for 45 minutes, and still want another 4-5 hours of sleep. And still be tired, like they hadn't slept at all?

If I don't take my hrt pill with my first cup of coffee, I won't remember if I took it or not. Even if I try really hard to remember going to get the bottle, opening it, and removing a pill, I have to decide if I remember doing that yesterday, or was that todays memory. I could put my coffee in the micro and look for a half an hour for it, not even remembering that it was in the micro, til I try to put another cup in there. I can promise myself all night long to try to do better tomorrow, only to find I never do. My most "alert" times are before most places (like doctors offices) are even open, or they are at lunch. I swear, how could you spend an entire day at the office and another day getting tests done, and then forget to call for results.. I thought I was either losing my mind, or that for some reason I didn't care.....but I know I do.

Anyway, this is way longer than I intended, so I will close for now.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for reading.




03/21/2009 12:19 AM
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Welcome Renee I am so pleased that you found us. I know what you mean about reading the symptoms and just knowing how it sounds like they are talking about you.

I did the same thing. One thing I learned the hard way.....don't say the FM word until a doc brings it up first. Sometimes you get a wall thrown up at you immediately...well maybe it would be good to know that wall is there....I guess there is no good answers. It can be very difficult to get a diagnosis because there are so many, including doctors who think it is a hypochondriacs dream. Dream it is not.

I imagine you have been doing a lot of reading today and that is very good.

There is going to be a lot of testing to get a diagnosis because many other things must be ruled out. Ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist. They are the 'experts' of this condition, that doesn't mean they all believe tho.

You can do an internet search of FM friendly doctors in your area too. is a good place to get that.

I'm thrilled that you're here and whether or not you are dxed with this or not you are welcome to be here.

03/21/2009 06:07 AM
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Thank you so much for your advice. About 7 years ago, I had all the tests, I know of by my PCP and she concluded that I was depressed and put me on anti depressants. I only took them a very short while, because I discovered I was pregnant with my son. I wasn't depressed, I was just tired of living like this. Sick and tired of being tired and in pain all the time.

I had three sleep studies. The first was inconclusive because I wouldn't stay still long enough and kept knocking my probes off. The second one, they lost the results, and the third one, the dude came in about 3 hours in to the study and told me it was over, at like 3 AM. I went home, and when I called for the results, they said there wasn't a record that I was ever there.

I did plan on asking my pcp for a referral to see a doctor in PGH who speciality is Fibro...or shouldn't I do that?

03/21/2009 07:45 AM
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Hi Naybird welcome to the group. There are so many wonderful people here to talk to and who can easily relate. Hope to talk to you soon.

03/21/2009 10:57 AM
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Renee WELCOME, You have come to the right place, we all know what you are going through with not remebering if you took your meds or not. I had to buy a pill holder with the days of the week on it, put all the meds I take in the morning, afternoon and at night in it and that I know I took my meds for that day. It really helps when you are having one of those days when you can't remember anything for that day. We all understand what you are going through with not knowing if you have this or not. Each one of have been there and some are where you are right now. You will get understanding, support, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, a place to scream and some amazing friends. We all understand this disease has many faces, But we are all here to help you get through it. So Again, WELCOME. Post as much as you feel comfortable with. We will answer you. God Bless You. shortstuff

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