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02/05/2008 07:37 PM

Anyone ever had blisters on fingers?

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On Lyrica for 2 weeks. Last few days, my finger tips have felt really weird. Numb, of course, but this is another unexplainable sensation. Well, then last night, I noticed that I had a blister on the pad of my index finger....just like the ones you get on your feet with shoes. White, filled with clear fluid. Never had one on the pad of my fingers. I didn't burn it and haven't been rubbing it to cause a blister.

Very odd...and puzzling...wanted to see if anyone else has had anything similar?

Oh...and today I saw a neurologist for the first time for headaches and possible carpel tunnel. Somehow, I managed to get an appt for the next day after I call...UNHEARD OF! Get there and am in the room w/ the doctor in less than 10 mins. Then he says go do mri on head & neck...they call to schedule and they AMAZINGLY had appt right then & there! Then when I get to mri, they get me in & out in record time. I think the karma gods are screwing with me! Either way, I now have 3 more meds to add to my regimen. And my dumbass completely forgot to list Remicade on my existing meds w/ the new dr! I am getting so forgetful, and fast...scaring me a litle.

Thanks for any help on the blisters


02/05/2008 08:11 PM
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Welcome to the group! Smile

So glad you got into the doctor in record time. That's great and doesn't happen often. Hope it continues!

I've not experienced blisters like you are. So unfortunately, I don't have any answers for you. But I'm sure someone will.

Once again- welcome to the group! The people here are great and you're gonna like it here.

Take Care!


02/05/2008 08:13 PM
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Wow that is weird. Thats the first time I heard that one. And with fibro we have just about every symptom under the sun. Don't know why. Hey maybe Bruce might know.Cheerful

02/06/2008 04:58 AM
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Welcome to the group fibroinTX,

I googled lyrica & blisters and found this, please go down to about the 5th paragraph and it mentions blistersSad

ok, i'm going to paste, let's hope it works: lyrica_pi_how_supplied.jsp

02/06/2008 07:42 AM
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Hey, again Im so sorry I did read all the way down, about the blisters, and hives, on the lyrica info. Wow! you may be having a reation to it! I do get tiny air blisters on my toes in the winter, but Im pretty sure mine is from Raynauds disease. Tish

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02/06/2008 07:58 AM
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yeah, I don't know. It is white blister about the size of a pea, but crescent shaped. Doesn't hurt, isn't red. I lanced and drained it and keeping a bandaid on it since it is in "prime real estate" for infection. I'm not gonna fuss about it unless I start getting more of them. Doesn't hurt, just messin' w/ my mind about where it came from.

I am usually very aware of all my little injuries, pains and what/when/where they happen. So when I pop up w/ odd bruises and red spots, I question myself about where they came from.

Seems like lately, I am not aware of everything, am getting forgetful and I keep dropping things.

02/06/2008 08:30 AM
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Hi fibro in TX!

I have had something similar I think. One on my hip and one on my stomach. I kept expecting them to turn into a pimple, but they just went away.

I know how you feel about being aware, forgetful, and dropping stuff. I run into stuff all the time and sometimes I feel like I'm losing my balance. Of course, the neurologist thinks I'm just fine.

I found an article online about a possible culprit for Chronic Fatigue. It's a parasite called "Cryptostrongylus pulmoni" and you can read the article at 1215/t/CFIDS_FM

The strange thing about this article is that I had some sort of critter enter my foot at the beach about 10 years ago. It looks just like a roundworm making it's way into my system! I have a scar and I'm hoping to show it to my doctor at my next visit.

Nice to meet you and I hope you'll write back soon!! Smile Suzanne

02/06/2008 08:54 AM

Well, your link did not work. I sure wish it did. See I don't take that med but, I do have the little blisters and have been to many drs. trying to find out what is causing them. No one seems to know. lolol Like I am surprised. LOLOLOL

I have no idea if it has anything to do with fibro or not. These little blister are just as you described and they just pop up on my hands and arms only. I have not been burned either. They start itching and once I scratch them in my sleep they get infected sometimes and that is when I have to really get after them so, they do not get infected. I have left over scarring to show they were there. Little white spots all over my arms and hands once they are healed. It sounds terrible but, really no one notices it unless I tell them about it. lololol

One dr. told me it was called neuro-dermiticis what ever that is. Something to do with my nerves and dry skin. Well, that was the best he could come up with. This is the first time I have heard of anyone else having these watery blisters just showing up out of no where.

I would love to read that article if you could please post a correct link to it.



02/06/2008 10:18 AM
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Hey - Have you been tested for Lupus? The only reason I ask is b/c it's very similiar to fibr in allot of ways - AND you get blisters & leisions. I don't know allot about it - but have a friend that has it- and I just thought i'd menition it.

Good LUCK!

02/06/2008 04:57 PM

No that is one thing no one has tested me for. lolololol I didn't know that was one of the things lupus has. Strange. I will do some reading on that and see what other things you have with lupus and see if I fit in those. I like to do that before I mention it to a dr. Howevr, I thank you for the idea. I sure hope I don't have it if it means more meds. With all this fibro fog I have a hard enough time trying to remember which med to take when as it is. lololol Oh lets see is it a pink day or maybe a green captule day or perhaps a yellow little pill day. Oh will try one of each and that way I will for sure get the right one. sometimes I totally forget if I took any of the meds I am to take. Those days I call my free days. No meds at all that day. lolololol

The next day I remember for sure. lololololol The ole body tells me. lolololo

I am really not that bad but, it sure seems like it at times. 7 years ago the strongest pill I took was an asprin. Now well, I am just thankful the Lord has provided me with the meds I need now let me just say it that way.

love ya



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