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11/25/2008 05:43 PM

Newbie :)

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Hey there all!

I'm very sad that I've had to look for group support. Please let me explain Smile

I was diagnosed with FMS almost 8yrs ago, and was on a downward spiral that I know most can relate to: sudden change in lifestyle, many different meds that weren't working, finding doctors, trying to explain to friends & family, etc.

When it came down to it, I just couldn't live up North anymore - was on way too many meds, and the cold was keeping me in bed for days at a time. So, moved to Florida - lovely, huh? lol Well, we've landed in Georgia, and I haven't taken anything stronger than ibuprofin since getting pregnant with my daughter 4yrs ago (and then also just had a baby boy 5mos ago). Now I'm in pain, severe pain; am dealing with chronic fatigue; desperately trying to hold on to sanity as I feel I'm emotionally spiraling out of control.

So, online I I live in the country, near a small town, and doctors here are the 'good ol boys' who think it's all in your head. I just need some support and advise. Please talk to me? Smile

Thanks for listening - have a great day!!!!


PS - I probably should add that I have a VERY supportive husband who truly tries to understand Smile

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11/25/2008 05:51 PM
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Hi Sarah and welcome...

I'm sorry your remission ended but glad to meet you. You have a hard row to hoe, as my Grandma would have said...a baby, a toddler AND fibro? I'm sooo sorry!

Do you have a PCP or have you been relying on your OB/GYN? Has your good ole boy doctor said anything about referring you to a rheumatologist? Ask...

A lot of people here have had better luck with their MD's staff...some PAs and NPs are more sympathetic than their that an option for you?

Best of luck to you and your babies Smile

11/25/2008 06:06 PM
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Hello! I like your name Smile

I'm currently looking for a PCP as I've only had to use an OB/GYN since moving up here, and will insist on being referred to a rheumatologist as well. I had a GREAT PCP & Rheumatologist in Philly, and couldn't find one I liked in Ft. Lauderdale when we lived down there.

Definitely on the hunt for a good medical professional here.......I'm sure there's got to be one (and one who takes our insurance, too - lol).

Thank you for your kind words. I'm looking forward to getting to know people on this site. Have a great night!

11/25/2008 06:52 PM
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Hi Sarah, and welcome to our group.

You certainly have the right idea about going to a PCP and getting a referral to a rheumy. I live out in the sticks quite a ways too, so all of my doctors are an hour or more away, but I don't mind, since I have now found a good team of professionals. I know that for some here, drives are painful. I actually enjoy my drives. Hopefully, you'll be able to as well.

Doctor shopping is neither fun or easy, but it must be done. Try starting in the phone book and see if any of the ads look more intelligent than others. Laughing I'm actually only half joking when I say that.

I know the good ol' boys you are talking about. I moved to Australia for a few years, and when I got back, I ended up in a very rural part of Tennssee. The area I lived in was, um....does the movie "Deliverance" ring a bell? I wasn't about to let one of those idiots manage my healthcare, which is why I didn't see any physicians until I left Tennessee to move to Texas.

If you really are faced with nothing but the good ol' boys, it might be worth it to you to travel to the next largest city. I realize that may seem like no fun at all, but you might thank yourself in the end, when you are getting good, quality care.

You are VERY fortunate to have a supportive husband. It seems sometimes that that is a rare commodity. I don't think there's anything sadder than a person faced with a disease they can't do anything about, and no one in their family helps, suports, or understands.

But that brings me to why we are here. This place is full of caring, loving, knowledgable people who are willing to help anyone who needs it. Even if you need nothing but a shoulder to cry on, we're there. So, please feel at home here, and best of luck in your search. Smile

11/25/2008 07:44 PM

Hello Sara and welcome to the group. You have a tough road ahead but you have already done so much on your own. Only Ibuprofen and 2 babies, you are superwoman. But now that you are in pain again try to keep an open mind. There are lots of things you can do to destress, vitamins, ligh exercise, water therapy, and of course the snuggling with the little ones. Who I see are just so precious! Man I thought I had it bad but my boys are 3 and 7, I don't know how you do it and I am very honored to meet you. I hope that you love it here as I do. I send you gentle hugs, take care and good luck with the doctor hunt! Smile Remember that although you are way out in the country you don't have to settle for the first doc.

12/08/2008 08:40 PM
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Hi Sarah! I just wanted to say welcome and we are so glad you found us! I am sorry it is under your current circumstances but you've come to the right place.



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