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12/15/2010 03:21 PM

Very Isolated and Sad(page 2)

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Hi Bloom~

I am so sorry about your situation and the fact that you have fibro. I am learning through therapy right now that you must get toxic people out of your life. It is a lot easier for me because I am married and have two grown children. I think my husband would do anything for me. My problem is my family as well. It is so frustrating, and makes you depressed and feel as if you are a nothing. I had a bad day today feeling like that with the holidays coming up. Some people just make any situation a mess. I know that will happen at our Christmas dinner because of two relatives who got up and left last year after throwing a fit after a game. How immature is that. Unfortunately they will be attending again this year, although told they will not be included in games. Just their presence will put a damper on the day, but I am going to try really hard to just ignore them. I really could care less if I went, but I don't want to be alone either. Maybe next year, I will have Christmas at my house for just my husband and children. I know how you feel honey and you have my sincere sympathy.

I agree with Natty that you should find a lawyer that only charges if they win, however in my state it is very important for you to have frequent doctor visits and the doc needs to document everything you say for a chance at disability. I will pray for you that you can get disability so maybe you can find a low income apartment or some other place to live. Your family is just running you into the ground. Do you have anyone else you could live with? A father, other siblings, a friend, or aunt, someone? I really do feel bad for you hon. You have to get out of there. Like Natty said, you may be able to get state aid, food stamps, state health insurance like medicaid. If there is an office near you, I would take a bus if necessary to get to the office to apply for aid.

Honey, please keep in touch with all of us. I want to see you get out of the mess you are in now. You will succeed, we're all here for you~you have a lot of new friends now kiddo. ALWAYS, come here when you need us. Do you mind telling us where you live: city and state. Maybe someone here could give you info on where to go for aid if they live in the same city or state.

Hoping to hear more from you friend, we'll see you through this.

Welcome Hugs~



12/15/2010 03:47 PM
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just for the record, all the lawyers who deal with disability BY LAW can only charge if they win. They tend to be very good at their craft, and can tell when you have your initial visit if your case will win or not. So I agree you should get a lawyer, but unless you have already received your initial declined notice they lawyers will most likely not want to work with you.

You can file the initial claim just by following the instructions and paperwork you download from the internet. you tell the truth. You submit the proper signed forms so that your case manager will be able to send for all your records. IF YOU HAVE HAD XRAYS YOU WILL NEED A FORM FOR THAT Place so that they can send for copies of those and so on. Just follow the instructions. If you have multiple doctors they will need releases for all of your doctors. If you have multiple conditions list them...every single condition you have counts. Your age is important. All your physical therapy matters.

We know it is overwhelming. We have done it. But you have to follow the steps in order to get to the relief you seek.

Remember the movie The Shinning, the old one with Jack Nicholson. Remember the kid and his mom going around the maze? Remember how there was only one right way to do any of it? Well, think of this as your Overlook Hotel Maze.

I know it is hard, but dont give up!and dont miss your appointments, when they tell you they are going to call could take all day but wait.

Hugs Natty

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12/15/2010 04:48 PM
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hi bloom......welcome to the best group of folks as well as the friendliest least judgmental people that you will ever talk to and always remember that we do care and understand what you are going thru a lot more than you can imagine. Have a great holiday and know that i truly do care best wishes gator

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