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09/23/2008 10:43 AM

Oh yeah...hi!(page 2)

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Thank you, Cindy. Soft hugs back.

09/23/2008 08:10 PM

Hi Starr, I don't think I said that before. Welcome to the fibro family. Great bunch of people on here. I've been on here for almost a year now and it's been a great help to me with my ups and downs and also teaching me what I need to know cause all the Dr did was give me pills which I can't take.

Good luck with getting your disability.

I don't care what I'm called. Usually it's hey you but my name is Jan. Janilee is short for Janice Lee.

09/23/2008 09:53 PM
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Hello Starr and welcome to our group, I love being a part of this group. I can't remember when I joined.I just know that they always seem to be there when I need them. I am usually called Mom by my kids and all their friends, my dh and most of my friends call me Sherri. It doesn't matter to me what I'm called, what's your name works just as well.


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