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05/20/2008 09:40 PM

Fill your cup, long

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When my kids were little I taught them that everyone has a little fragile teacup inside their heart. When someone is nice to you they are filling up your tea cup. When you give to someone you are filling their cup. When you fill someone elses cup continuously without getting yours filled back up, you will run dry. If someone is mean to you, it chips your cup. When you are mean to someone it chips their cup. When you are cruel, it cracks their cup and their love starts seeping out, and you can't catch it.

It is nearly impossible to fix these love cups so we must be very very careful not to hurt someone and to always fill each other so that they can keep on giving.

My point to them was not to hurt each other by calling each other names and such but as they got older I am applying a new idea as well. You must learn to fill your own cup. I need suggestions to teach them with. I got the original idea from a book. LOL, what the books name was I have no idea. Anyway, as this long post was intended was to ask for your help.


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