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10/22/2009 01:42 AM

Pain Docs Can Kiss My A$$.

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Monday I went to a Pain Clinic. Had an appt.

I was early. I dressed nicely. I was well prepared.

I was very organized. It took a while for the desk jockeys to check me in. The waiting room was overfowing

with annoying people. Oh, I'm sure that most of them

have "legitimate" pain. You know, blown out discs,

multiple surgeries. WHATEVER. And then there were the jumpy, jonesy ones. The ones who jumped out of their seats every time the "inner -sanctuary "door opened, always calling someone else's name, and not their names. Wild-eyed, jumpy, jonesy people. No doubt, all in "Legitimate" Pain.

Over two hours past my appt. time, my name gets called.

Some med tech girl instructs me to pee in a cup, because they have to check for illegal drugs. Again,

WHATEVER. None in my system, just my scrip. meds.

I was shown to a room. Med tech girl takes my blood pressure, and my temp. Med tech girl weighs me.

Med tech girl asks dumb questions. Med tech girl cannot annunciate ,or pronounce simple medical terms, or names of meds. American born and bred med tech girl. What do they teach these people at med tech school, anyway?

She leaves. Doc will be right with you. YEAH RIGHT.

Another hour passes. Then a young doc with the personality of a rock comes in. No eye contact, jittery, kept glancing at his watch, and idly flipping through my paperwork. He kept speaking/talking in circles. He kept saying, "Oh, well,this clinic stresses an interventional, multi-modal

approach to pain management, not just meds".

I told him that I was well aware of that fact, and that while I would like some type of meds that get the job done, w/out making me dysfunctional on an entirely different level, and that multi-modally speaking, that I have a Psychiatrist,

a Psychologist, proper psych. meds. I try to exercise. I meditate. I am very self-educated about my illnesses. I know exactly what has helped, and I had an effing list of all meds ever taken by me (under their classification headings), and all of them that were, at least in part, prescribed for my Fibro. My notes are precise, to the point, and quite detailed. Allergies and sensitivities to any of those meds were listed. I even brought my current meds with me.

I tell the non-listening moron that I take supplements, and that I have a Nutritonist.

I told him that I read every last detail about everything on that clinic's website. I read about the doctors. I read about who and what they treat. I read about their listed "treatments".

I even went to (too many) links and read a bunch of effing medical journal papers.By their on staff clinic docs.

I told him that I want a multimodal approach, and that I know that they treat Fibro patients.

He kept giving me the shifty-eyed, nervous talkin'

run around, and saying that he did not want to waste my time. I said that several hours of my time had already been wasted, and if he could not refrain from repeating himself, and basically insulting my intelligence, and was unable to and/or unwilling to be of any assistance to me whatsoever, then please do stop wasting my time. He said that he would write my a

non-refillable scrip for 2 mg. zanaflex LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!

He sends in another doc, to talk to me about MUA (Manipulation Under Anaesthesia), a 3 day weekend gig,

where they put you under for 15 minutes at a time, and,obviously, stretch and manipulate the patients joints and muscles, in order to give the patient a much improved range of motion, and to break up old muscle scar-tissue. I said, cool, I'm down with that.

He claimed that most patients, and that about 80%

of Fibro patients, state that they move better, and that their pain levels are way low. I say, great, when?

He says, "Oh, well, you need an MRI, and lots more documentation, and more referrals, and you need to get regular massages, and chiropractic adjustments, and see a physical therapist for a while, first.And extensive medical records". I inform him that I have a lot of that with me, not to mention the fact that I personally faxed approximately 40 pages of my medical history to them about one week in advance,exactly as requested, and on my own dime.

I tell him that we are not made out of money, though wouldn't it be lovely if I could do all of those things, all of the time.

Then when he asked me to describe my pain, and what was where, and how bad,( despite the fact that part of the 20 pages of their paperwork that I had to have filled out prior to my appt., included front/back body diagrams, with confusingly similar symbols to depict certain pain descriptions listed by words...and that I did so...),but obviously no one did much more than the old rapid-flip-through of my paperwork, so I was forced to verbally explain to him. And so I did, naming every muscle, ligaments, tendons, bones,(all using correct Latin terminology),and corresponding Trps....that are my main problem areas.

And that doc just sat there for a minute looking at me. Then, he said " How do you know all of that Anatomy and Physiology stuff?", And I said: 1): I am not an idiot,#2): I went to massage therapy school, #3): I am an artist, I need to know that stuff, and #4): I have had to go to some lengths of daily diligent self-education, in trying to understand what all is going on with me, and being as proactive as I can be in being a Self-Advocate. And part of their stated "multimodal approach" involves patient self-education and cooperation. And he then said" Well, there is no magic cure, and there is no magic pill for this stuff",...And I said that I wasn't born yesterday, or raised by a pack of wolves. Then he asks me, " So, if you have had these conditions for 7 or more years, why have you waited so long to get help?"

And I had to tell him that that has been exactly just the heck what I have been trying to do all along, and if he wanted to sit with me well into next week, I would be more than happy to tell him all about it.

Then, he left promising to return, but instead, he sent Doctor Zero Personality back in, who continued to repeat himself, and who would not look me straight in the eye, and who would not listen to a word that I had to say. Finally, I said that he really needed to listen to me, as he truly had wasted hours of my time,

and that he needed to shut up for a minute.

He twiddled, twitched, and did not listen to me.

Then he thrust a piece of paper at me with the name of yet another doc, another pain doc, a pain doc who does research, and who also specialiazes in addiction medicine. I ask what that is all about, and he admits that (the clinic who by then had wasted approximately 5 hours of my day), was a move 'em in, move 'em out clinic, and that I was just far too complicated with my triplicate of physical stuff, symptoms, and psych meds, etc. He kept saying that I need to make an appt. with this other dude, who is more on top of pharmacology than they are. Bull Sh**!!!!

Then I had to say just why the heck did he not refer me right off the bat, instead of giving me the run around. No answer, as he high tails it out of the room, gesturing for me to follow him, promising to write the crappy zanaflex scrip( which turns out, helps me none). I get shuffled right back out into the

way too-crowded waiting room, and some toothless man keeps saying that the docs need to hurry up and give him his pain pill scrip., already, as he kept announcing and reannouncing loudly, that "I am the one in here who has real pain!", followed by a stream of toothlessly mumbled, practically incoherent curse words at the receptionists, and the rest of us "losers" in the waiting room. Then like another hour later, one of the junk food inhaling receptionists manages to finish about 4 burgers, and a couple of orders of fries, and appears to be done with office gossip, then nonchalantly calls me up to the desk, and then proceeds to give me crap about not checking out properly or picking up my scrip. After which, I get reshuffled back into the inner bowels of Hades, only to have my stack of paperwork, the contact info. for

yet another doc,(who will no doubt be of no help to me whatsoever), and the scrip., unceremoniously shoved into my face... Then, being reminded by some girl (who is pretty much the bottom of the office food chain),that I won't need to come back there again(smirking all the while), and I say, no, I most definetly will not be returning there. And that I will do my best to let anyone else know that despite their website's assurances of Fibro patient care,that there is no care to be had there.

And then the traffic on the way home, me trying to do proper relaxation techniques, and proper breathing...

And so, screw it, and screw them, and screw all doctors. And screw that particular 3 letter abbreviation for that particular loose cannon of a government department. I give up. For now, at least.

I guess now it's down to the questionable activity of

self-inflicted Guafenesin Treatment, and (I just can't tell you how very much I look forward to being thrown into a major evil ongoing flare!),( and a who knows how long evil flare), as the phosphates/toxins, work their way out of my system....and who knows if that will even help me?

I am incredibly frustrated.

Angry. Very, very angry.

Maybe this is just my Karma. Maybe I should just give up. Doctors do not care about us.

Maybe a life of suffering is just my due. Maybe I should suffer. Because there is no help, or hope, for me.

I will just have to help myself. As always, and continue to be Ms. Dysfunctional. What's the point of continuing to struggle? Why fight it.

I can't keep playing little doctor games. It is all on me. Guess I will have to become a willing Masochist.

Guess it is way past my bedtime. Guess nobody gives a crap. The End of my too-long rant. No one cares.


10/22/2009 03:37 AM
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I am sorry you had to endure such a seemingly never-ending dr. appt. That was totally uncalled for as far as I am concerned ~~~

For one thing, I would not have waited hours to be seen if I had an appt. at a given time. You ve already waited (probably weeks) for the appt. to begin with.

I don t understand why dr. offices' make the appt. so close together when they KNOW how long each patient should have with the dr.

Again, I am sorry you had to go thru this ~~~ Hopefully, if you give another pain management group a try, you ll have much better luck.


10/22/2009 06:15 AM
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I am so sorry you had such a hellish experience there! It seems that many doctors are intimidated by patients that know as much or more about their conditions and treatments. I am blessed to have good doctors, but I admit I do sometimes play dumber than I am because appearing to know too much often makes them nervous.

Please keep trying until you find someone to give you some relief! None of us should have to suffer.

Gentle hugs!

10/22/2009 08:14 AM

Fromama-WTF??? That's just inaccusible (sp?). I agree with Ouch that many docs are intimidated when we know so much, BUT with all the organization & documents you had, geesh, they had it easy. ANd, to be there that long for a stupid RX that doesn't work-it's ridiculous!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Have you been able to find anything out about the other pain doc the stupid doc referred you to? I hope you don't have to go through this again. It's truly sad that so many doc would rather just not deal with us than to try to help us. If I were in their shoes, I would love to research, experiment, etc. anything to try to help my patients. That's not the way it works many times anymore though. Please let us know what you hear about the other doc. I'm thinking about you!!

10/22/2009 09:24 AM
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Fromama LOL SORRY but I think it is SO funny that you let them know just how stupid they are!! You didn't SAY IT you slapped them with it! I do understand your frustration...I have no doc either and it's for the same reasons...One doc had brochures in his waiting room that said F I B R O M Y A L G I A and it caught my eye..It spouted all sorts of symptoms and it said if you have these symptoms talk to your doctor immediately...Gave it all sorts of urgency in the brochure..I made an appointment with this doc because of that brochure..and when I got there....He talked really slowly and drawn out like a true texan..and basically said There's no treatment and I can refer you to a pain doc! I WAS LIKE WHU????

I cancelled that appointment with the pain doc in fear of exactly what happened to you...I opted to see another local doc that had treated me in the hospital here and It was a MAJOR disaster...We went through 3 different meds that he suggested and I was allergic to them all or it was on my no can do list and so then...FINALLY...he just didn't ever call me back after that...I guess three attempts to help me was enough...Even though I wait a week and a half to see him and hired help to keep my kids n stuff..I spent a LOT of money just to GET THERE...and I got NOTHIN! NOTHIN! But because he didn't call me I never got to tell him where to put it! So I go on..

PLEASE don't give up Fromama~! THERE IS HELP OUT THERE FOR YOU~!~ We just have to find it! Keep tryin babe! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! So what if you have to tell a few to go back to charm school! You know WHO you are!

I LOVE to read your posts..It's as if I'm a fly on the wall watching it all happen...ITS BETTER THAN A SITCOM!! Not laughing at you persay but the situation is comical!



10/22/2009 01:40 PM
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Melanie, I'm so sorry you went through all that just for a few Zanflex or whatever they're called. Are you going to call the doctor they gave you the number for?

Even though the shifty eyed docs talked like the were all for modalities, etc., they probably only want to deal with addicts and they're just a pill mill...if you'd gone in wearing a dirty track suit and flip flops, you might have walked out with an RX for oxycontin. But because you actually expect to be "treated" for your condition, they decided to pass you off to this other doctor.

I really am sorry and I hope you'll give the other doctor a trial. I cannot believe how badly they treated you! It sounds like the type of place you'll see on the news of receptionists was rude to one of the addicts and the addict will go postal on their a@@e@.

If I were you, I'd be in bed today with the covers pulled up over my head. I hope you're not, but I do hope you're indulging yourself somehow today, whether it's a mani/pedi or shopping for new jammies or just indulging in your favorite need to do something nice for yourself.

Once again, you have my sympathy. I'm in a bit of pain myself today but a lot less than I expected LOL...

bless you Melanie!


10/22/2009 05:12 PM

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10/22/2009 06:26 PM
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That's horrible. I have finally found 2 drs that I actually like, one of which I'm not seeing until I get done with MR "I don't know what it is but I'm sure it's nothing." Alot of drs are morons, not in it for the patients, and should have never gone to medical school. I've seen one of those this week. Hang in there. There's someone out there. Somewhere.

10/22/2009 06:41 PM
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Fromama, I'm really sorry you had to go through all of that. If nothing else, it might make you feel better to write an official letter of complaint to whoever or whatever is in charge of that place! It does sound particularly horrific!

I hope you can find a decent doctor. After my years of hell with Kaiser, I have figured out that the definition of a decent doctor really is one who will listen to you and talk with you. An actual two way conversation. One who isn't intimidated or offended by the fact that you've educated yourself on your condition.

Beyond that, I have only one word for you- suboxone. If you can find a decent doctor, they might let you try it. If it works half as well for you as it has for the rest of us on it, you'd be pretty happy, I'm sure! If it works as well as it has for me, you'd be ecstatic!

Keep us posted, please. I really would give serious consideration to a letter of complain, though. Like I said, if nothing else, it might make you feel better.

10/22/2009 06:42 PM
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Oh, and like Clint always says, "Don't forget, 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom of their class!"

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