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10/05/2009 07:45 PM

Okay ~~~ Time to call it a night here.....

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It s been a long day and I m tired ~~~ Some hurting but I am blaming that on the weather.

I did get quite a bit done today on my day off ~~~ Made 16 more 1/2 pts of jam (raspberry and strawberry); 1 load of laundry, folded and put away; trimmed down the leaves of my iris' so I can dig bulbs for a friend IF we ever get enough rain to make mud to dig in ....LOL !!

And, of course, evening meal and dishes ~~~

*yawn* I m gone ~~~

Sweet dreams and restful, pain-free sleep for all ~~~~



10/05/2009 07:47 PM

You too Marilyn -- I'm right behind ya! Sweet Dreams to all Smile

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