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07/21/2009 09:55 PM

Just wanted to say hi and give an update

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Since reading the last responses I received from those of you who wrote me, I want to update you on what's going on. That Friday night that I got home so tired after having the stress test done, something I have never experienced happened in the middle of the night. I have chronic back pain and Sciatica pain mostly on my left leg. This is what I deal with on a daily basis along with the Fibro. Anyway after I went to sleep that night, I woke up in the middle of the night and I could not move my left leg, it felt like dead weight, it really scared me, I almost called the paramedics, but was eventually able to get up. I also experienced pain and cramps everytime I pushed my leg against the mattress to try and push myself to the side so I could get up. Anyway I managed to finally get up and I drank my tonic water to get rid of the cramps because of the quinine in it. Next day I was fine. The tech who was giving me the test tried to help me get up one time and he pulled me straight up which is not good because of my back so I think between this and the metal table this is what cause the problem, but I'm not the doctor so we will wait and see what she says. Aside from this I have decided to go see my Neurologist after reading some of your responses because maybe the fibro is getting worse or maybe I just need a change in medication. But I will see her tomorrow. Will update you tomorrow, got to get off computer, it is getting late.

07/21/2009 10:13 PM
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good luck let us know..

it almost sounded like a disc problem with your back and nerve pain be carefull

07/21/2009 10:26 PM
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That sounds so very painful I am so sorry. I hope you can get some help from your doctors. HUGS

07/21/2009 10:56 PM
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Ang, I've had that happen to me twice. I don't recall any pain, though, I just couldn't move it. I was quite shocked by it.

I'm so glad that you're going back to your doctor about your meds. They just have to keep trying until they find what works for you.

Have some extra hugs, and I'll cross my fingers!

Hugs, Tina


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