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07/07/2009 08:45 AM

Arm Pain with Fibromyalgia??


Hello everyone,

I been having alot of pain in my arms.I thought i had carpal tunnel and got a nerve test to find out i do not have carpal tunnel but my arms below my elbow been swollen and so painful .anyone who has fibromyalgia have this problem? and any suggestions what to do about pain????Unsure Sad


07/07/2009 08:53 AM
fesupPosts: 3851
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Sorry honey I don't what to do for this either. Maybe someone else will be able to tell us. Sorry you are hurting.


07/07/2009 08:58 AM
Posts: 2221
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Hi sosore, yes, I have this issue with Fibro. I have the awful pain, especially in my right arm. This generates down to my pinky finger, and it really hurts most of the time. Last week my small finger hurt so bad, and the knuckle appeared to be swollen. It scared me. I thought of Arthritis being a concern, but I have had all these tests and I do not have RA. But, it does hurt something bad.

I think, to be honest, it is the effort of using your arms to do things. I am right handed so my right hand and arm are used the most so it just makes sense that it will hurt. The other day I could not even pick up a gallon of milk with my right arm, scary huh? Although, I know some of us here have this problem every day.!Sad


07/07/2009 09:08 AM

the pain i have seems to be in both arms. and it's very sore.

i think they hurt more when i am in heat.

i still want my doctors to look into this. but, just curious

if anyone else has pain in both arms at all times. not only when lifting etc. the whole day and night.>pain!and also

feels like a truck parked on them (heavy/weigh down)


07/07/2009 09:32 AM
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Sosore, I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I am pretty lucky as I have very little pain in my arms. They get numb and are weak but I will take that over the pain. I hope your doctor can help you out with that.

07/07/2009 09:51 AM
Posts: 1046

Funny you should bring it up ~ my arms and hands are screaming at me today! Usually, Advil helps, but not today. They hurt so bad! And sosore, I'm like you ~ it's all the time, every day and through the night. My pain has spread beyond what is considered the ulnar nerve. And they do feel so heavy. My doctor knows about my pain and prescribed Gabapentin but I haven't gotten any relief from any med so far.

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07/07/2009 07:48 PM

my doctor tried that also. but it didnt work out for me.

i got side effects which were bad. i have alot of problems with alot of the meds lately. maybe because i was born with a tumor which had cancer and yes i went through surgeries and treatments. since then most medications will not work.ughh. i can take so much.:Ol

07/07/2009 07:55 PM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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Oh, cupcake, I'm so sorry to hear that! Your parents must have been beside themselves to have you born with a cancerous tumor! I can't even imagine!

Mispati, how much gabapentin are you on? They started me at 800mg and it helped a little. It helped a LOT more when they increased it to 1600mg!

Hugs, Tina

07/08/2009 01:46 AM
Posts: 1046

He started me last year on 300mgs. Since then, I'm up to 1200mg/day. Each time we've increased it, it's been at my suggestion because I've continued to be in pain.

07/08/2009 11:11 AM
pamela05Posts: 96

I have arm pain but didn't at first associate it with fibro. I've had carpal tunnel and ulnar never release on both hands as I did have carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve issues. I was dropping things and was afraid I was going to drop my children. Even though they say you don't have carpal tunnel I'm willing to bet a hand brace(or two) would help to take the pressure off the nerve so it isn't so painful. You only have to wear it when it hurts seeing as you don't have true carpal tunnel. I've had the surgeries but I still have sypomtoms sometimes. Man do I hate when my hands hurt and I can't do the things I need to. Hopefully you'll be able to find some relief. If you go the wearing braces route wearing them at night usually works the best.

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