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05/31/2009 06:02 PM

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Ok SO which of you really smart people know what to do when you start to get dressed for work,that outfit you picked out to wear is going to look good, BUT when you put it on OUCH!!!! It is as though every nerve in your body is irratated and we are talking lightweight cotton prarie style dress that barely touches anywhere. I have to wear semicasual office so I dont have alot of options. Or the other thing I am still not sure how to cope with is I am fine in the clothes until I get to work but then lets say an hour or two later the bloating kicks in and the clothes are bugging again. Its not an environment where I can keep another outfit and change. It is jsut really gettign difficult to do anything i used to, like look decent at work LOL

05/31/2009 06:08 PM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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Sweetie, I have one word. Mumu. OK, that's kind of a joke, but not really. I wear super long, extremely loose dresses. My biggest problem is wearing a bra.

If I have to go somewhere that I actually need to wear a bra, I generally solve that buy wearing a very loose jumper with a super loose shirt underneath it.

Naked is best, though. Think your boss would go for it Wink

Nekkid hugs, Tina

05/31/2009 06:08 PM
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Hmmm, that's a tough one. I only had to wear scrubs and bought a size bigger. Is there anyway your employer will make an exception if you told them what's going on. Maybe they'll let you wear sweats lol


05/31/2009 06:09 PM
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Wow that's tough. I don't work anymore but when I did it was strictly business and I'm talking skirt suit with nylons everyday. I don't know what I would do now. When I do get dressed up most of my dresses have a baby doll style waist so that it sits high and just kind of flows to the knees. That is the most comfortable. I try to avoid pants and skirts because of the waist band and the constant rubbing. I guess worse than the clothes would be having to wear appropriate shoes everyday. My heart goes out to you.

05/31/2009 06:19 PM

LOL the Boss more than likely. I know the bra thing is awful too. i heard sports bras are good. May try that. THank goodness I am not related to Dolly Parton though.

I try to find the bit larger dresses but what I find is usally garish. Ok dont gross out but I am an office assistant at a funeral home which sort of limits the fashion selections.

I wonder if a materinty bra would work? HEY they stretch. At home I live in either shorts that barely touch me and shirts that are 3x too big. OR my favorite now that it is warmer my long sleeveless gown,,lightweight cotten.

Oh good tomorrow is another Law and Order SVU marathon on the SLEUTH channel. I can come home and veg on the couch and not care about the clothes!!! (ok it is 4 hours of Christopher Meloni but it sounds bettter ot say its just the show. Either way I forget some of the pain LOL)

05/31/2009 06:23 PM
mellydramaticPosts: 577

Eddie Bauer has some cotton knit wrap type dresses that are comfortable and look nice. Maybe check out their website.

05/31/2009 06:25 PM

I wish!!! I used to wear scrubs when I did nursing. Now I have to look like an office assistant. DARN IT. I guess I will buy the 1960s granny style clothes..its an option LOL

05/31/2009 06:31 PM

I will have to check them out. Thats a really good idea. I have one pair of pants that will do somedays and hoepfully there is going to be a top that works too.

I miss the old days when I could get by on overnight shift in jeans and a tshirt. Of course I didnt have FM bugging me then. And my little old people didnt care. in fact my Alzheimers people responded to the shirts if they had an animal, flowers or scenery of some sort. Those smiles and responses were worth more than gold.

05/31/2009 09:33 PM
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I remember what it was like to get up and get dressed up when you did not even feel like being up. It was the pits. I wish i could help you, I know i used to have certain outfits that I wore alot especially when I felt bad. Everyone could tell when it was one of those days. The thing that was the worst for me was the shoes. I needed to wear proper shoes but they killed my feet, I had to break down and wear flats most of the day and change shoes for meetings. It was the pits.

05/31/2009 09:50 PM

I have my collection like that too. The office mgr understands I hurt and when she sees certain clothes she always finds a way to compliment me. I would adopt her if I could she is a doll. Only 23 and runs that business like a woman twice her age. We have a mom/daughter type relationship anyway.

I understand about the shoes too. I have the going to hahve swollen feet shoes, the may have swollen feet shoes and the flat as they can be pair.

Tonight I am having so much arm pain. I babysat my grandson who is 18 months old and he still needs to be picked up etc. I think after being around him is the only time I dont mind the pain


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