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03/01/2008 06:43 AM

candida as a cause?

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Hi. Has anyone heard of candida (yeast) overgrowth as being a cause or complication for FM?

03/01/2008 07:25 AM
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yes, I believe it contributes to our pain. Candida albicans releases over eighty different poison into the body. The most toxic substances produced by candida albicans are acetaldeyde and ethanol. Acetaldeyde is toxic to the brain. It causes memory loss, depression, problems concentrating and severe fatigue. Anybody with FM have these symptoms? I did. I got rid of those poisons and now I'm better. Probiotics is a good start to rid your body of candida. Also, I stayed away from sugar. There were many other things I did to detox. My story is just too long to post here.

03/01/2008 05:37 PM
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I havent heard of it as a cause but I know that I just recently read that it may increase your risk for yeast infections, etc. Ive never really struggled with yeast infections, but have had 2 in the last two years (since we think I started having fibro symptoms and I had only ever had one before in my life) and then this week seriously overnight developed this unbelievable one - the regular itching and discomfort, but also a LOT of pain and swelling. My gyno siad she thinks in addition to the infection Im having some sort of random serious allergy but shes not really sure whats happening. Bizarre, I know. But at this stage of the game, damn near everything that happens to me has something to do with the fibro, so Im definitely interested in this topic...

03/01/2008 06:51 PM
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oh yes a very big couse of this illness antbotics use long term will cause cronic fatigue and fibro i really belive this to be very true you become very toxic all the goog bacteria is killed off the bad takes over and you become very sick i took antboctics for years for my acne and it made me very sick all of my problems started from thier and then i got phemoia and was in the hospital

03/01/2008 09:17 PM

Yep but I love sugar and white flour foods so if I had to follow this diet I think I would starve : (

03/02/2008 08:26 AM
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Good topic!

Thanks for starting this one....

I've suffered for a long time with yeast infections but only AFTER I started taking tetracycline for acne. (I knew that it was going to cause them)

BUT...I haven't taken it for over a year now and still...I get them. Not as often, but one is more than enough! Wink

I wonder if taking it for the period of time that I did is the cause of my still getting them...or it's Fibro???

So...once again...I'm stumped!

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03/02/2008 08:32 AM

You know whats funny I get a yeast infection every time I have sex with my husband Im starting to think Im allergic to him. I don't even go to the Dr anymore because at first I thought he was giving me sex disease LOL But its not its just a YI Oh and Charmin toilet paper very bad stuff there. And with most women the occasional antibiotics

So I think for women maybe its a combination of sensitivities whether its food or something your body just can't tolerate anymore.

03/02/2008 08:35 AM

And why I started that out with You know whats funny beats me because its not.

But men have the symptoms also but it a affects them differently one guy I talked to for awhile had major major problems from the Candida to the point he thought he was dieing.

I was tested but once again borderline. Im changing my real name to borderline by the way. : ) So they said do whatever makes you feel better


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