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05/24/2009 04:00 AM

Holiday Weekend Day #1. ~~~~ Done !!!

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I spent all day yesterday making potato salad and cole slaw for app. 75 people. It was quite a chore and took me several hours but it all turned out well. However ~~~ I will NEVER do it again !!! Sick

Had myself ready, everything loaded up and at nephews' well before 6 PM last evening. Weather was perfect, lots of people but the ""guest of honor"" was a PIB . (Snippy and pouting etc. ~~~ really spoiled a lot of the evening festivities.)

Anyway, today will be an easy day compared to yesterday and last night even tho' I m going to WORK !!!

What is everyone else doing today ?


05/24/2009 04:25 AM
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That was a load of potato salad and slaw. You did work hard for that much.Too bad the quest of honor wasn't very nice.

I have not went to bed all n night, so my plans today will have to be put on hold.

I was going to go to church, make pot roast with carrots, celery, onions, red potatoes, seasoning and spices. Make a macaroni dish using 3 cheeses, butter, half and half, seasonings, And chocolate walnut brownies. I or Chuck will be cooking for 3.

However, I will be going to sleep in a few hours because I just took a xanax and it will make me sleep for several hours. I expect I will not wake before 4pm.

So now we will switch Mondays menu with Sunday's.

Chuck will griddle thick ribeyes, baked potaoes with a dressing of sour cream, plain yogurt and chopped chives, and a garden sald.

He is a wonderful cook and dinner will be fantastic. Still, I wish I could have prepared my planned dinner.

Hopefully, I can tomorrow.

We will stay home and maybe get to go to church this evening.


05/24/2009 05:03 AM

Wow Auntie! That's a lot of potatoe salad.

Bits I hope you get rested hun.

I had a b-day party yesterday for my 9 year old son. I was so sick but I still had to make the sides for 15 people. My hubby grilled fajitas and chicken. I made charro beans, potato salad, mexican rice and guacapico (mix of guacamole and pico de gallo, with bigger chunks of avacado). It was so good.

I am the only one awake right now. My hubby is tired cause they stayed up late. The kids well they ate a lot, played water games and the whole family played soccer in the back yard. My son got two soccer goals for his Bday. They played until they could not see each other anymore...haha!

My hubby plans on taking the kids to see Night at the Museam, and then come home and eat leftovers and relax. Same tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and Monday!

Love ya!

05/24/2009 05:54 AM
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Hello Auntie, bits and Amazzon!

I know at holiday time, and now it's nice outside. It really makes a person want to do! I get all gun-ho and take on way more than I can chew! That's a lot of potato salad Auntie!

Bits your hubby can come and cook at my house anytime! yum yum! I wish you could have done your dinner too! I hate when that happens to me. Want to do something and then end up, can't.

Amazzon, I love mexican rice and tamales! And enchildas oh boy! That's the only food me and my hubby agree on when we go out to eat! lol

Tell your little boy Happy Birthday from fessy wessy! You reminded me of when I was a kid. We would get envolved in a ball game and play til it was dark. Those where the days my friend!



05/24/2009 06:04 AM

It was great watching everybody playing, the little kids and the big kids. I had to sit on the side lines with my little boy. They did carry him and had him kick a ball into the net that made him happy. I had to come back inside because of the mosquitos.

Thanks for the b-day wish darlin'!

I make very good mexican food. Since my illness I only cook on special occasions. Here lately, it's been one special occasion after another. Lol!

My hubby has a bar stool in the kitchen for me when I do cook so it's not all bad.

05/24/2009 06:05 AM
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Hey there Auntie sounds like you had fun despite all the work Smile Which is great I have been working the 12-9 shift since thurday night and still have today tomorrow and tuesday before a day off and then work thursday and then off for 3 days filled with activities Sad

and a few other people are trying to fill my calendar before the weekend lol Not going to happen.. Have a great day at work I am heading there shortly myself LOL woohoo (does little circles with her finger)

05/24/2009 07:30 AM
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Wow auntie, all that and work too? I can't even imagine it never mind actually doing it. Given that I am recovering from surgery, this will be a unusually quiet weekend. We have a cookout at my house for every holiday, birthday, occasion you can think of. Everyone knows ahead of time though, that I will be doing very little. I'm very blessed to be surrounded by understanding, helpful friends and family that will not allow me to do much even if I wanted to. I certainly hope you recover well. I really admire you for all that you do. Amazon, tell you son happy birthday and give him a big hug and kiss.



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