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02/21/2008 10:33 AM

Burning pain on skin?

laura92978Posts: 4

Hello, I am new on here, and newly diagnosed as well, so still trying to piece together all of the crazy symptoms I have been of the most bothersome (amongst many, let me say) is the burning sensations I have on my skin...literally feels like my skin is burning, having it right now as I type, on my shin, to look at it, skin looks normal, but feels like it's on fire, like someone's holding a hot iron on my this part of the fibro? Also, sometimes it simultaneously itches that "normal" for fibro as well? Sometimes my skin itches really bad all over too, especially at night...sorry for all of the questions!




02/21/2008 10:48 AM

My legs burn, esp my right one. Dont know why, also have dead areas where it feels funny to me when I touch it.

I also have been having soooo much itching, no idea why.

Wish i had some definitive answers for you, but sadly i dont

Hang in there!

I was dx with fibro in 1980s!


02/21/2008 11:08 AM
Posts: 272

I dont know either, but just wanted to sympathize. Ive got one on my back, right under my bra strap. Lidocaine patches help turn the burning into numbing. Capsaicin cream can help too.

Best of wishes....psk

02/22/2008 08:40 AM

So weird we discussed this yesterday-- my right leg is burning like crazy today. It is very very cold outside so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it. I have asked the dr he just says it is because of my degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis, I have nerve damage.


02/22/2008 12:12 PM
Posts: 2

I've had FM for 30 years (I'm 33). I get burning skin too. I've had a spot under my right bra strap for months. My Dr is a DO (doctor of osteopathy) so he can do adjustments. He adjusted an out of place vertebrae and the burning spot went away. I have the itching too, but I recently found out I'm allergic to dust mites. The itching has been greatly reduced by controlling the allergy. Have you ever been to an Allergist? The fact that your itching happens more at night suggests dust mite allergies.

02/22/2008 03:59 PM

They are all part of fibro. This syndrome gives us all kinds of weird things.

02/22/2008 04:10 PM

Mine does it between my shoulder blades and everyone gets tired of me asking if there is a rash or something there but there isnt I guess they say no but I can't see LOl but it is weird and it does hurt. I dont know but I guess since everyone says its part of fibro it is, see we learn something new everyday on here.

02/22/2008 04:22 PM
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Yep burning skin on the shoulders and hips. Great fun!!Laughing Just one of those wonderful fibro symptoms we have to tolerate.

02/22/2008 04:27 PM

Oh and pants with big inseams eat my legs, well.. it doesnt but it feels like it. I found out American Eagle has the best jeans because they are already worn out and comfey lol

02/22/2008 04:33 PM
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Yep, evidently another fibro symptom! I've had it for years. In various places, primary my left leg. And at times that same spot feels thick. I can touch the skin and not even feel my hand. But let the wind or the sun get on and whew, I come alive. In fact, once when it got to burning and was numb, we at the time had a waterbed with the tubes in it. And one of the tubes sprung a leak and I didn't even know it. I was lying on my stomach and reading and where the leak was - was exactly on my bad spot. It wasn't until I stood up and noticed that the front of my pants were wet did I noticed. I have to confess that with fibro fog it took me a couple of seconds to figure out how I had peed on the front of my leg Laughing Silly . I think we need to all schedule a conference and write a book. I think we could write one better than they have on the markets. Especially the ones they put out about 5-7 years ago. Boy....what a joke Tongue


oh by the way - when you admin people put your heads together again - how about spell check? Do you know how hard it is sometimes to type let alone spell correctly?Blink W00t


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