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04/28/2009 06:40 PM

Why does the pain get worse at night?

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Does anyone notice that they are in more pain at night? My daughter usually seems to manage to get through her day 5 out of 7 days a week, but by the evening she starts to feel horrid pain. She does have milder pain during the day and she is very fatigued because she doesn't sleep at night. By the time 8pm rolls around she can't move and she has to take her pain medication. Sometimes the medication brings her a little relief and sometimes she gets no relief and continues cry out in pain.

I just don't understand why the pain occurs at almost the same time every night. It's not like she is doing something different at that hour, she is either watching TV or using the computer. Sometimes she will try to go out with a friend in the afternoon and she has to come home by the early evening because she is in terrible pain.

We also thought that once the warm weather was here, her pain would subside. Well it's been beautiful here for days and my daughter has had the same pain that she has experienced since December. I guess our theory has gone right out the window!

Any input on this would be appreciated, as always!




04/28/2009 06:46 PM
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Cindy, I think I kind of understand it from what my doctor was telling me yesterday, but I'm sure I won't explain it correctly.

He told me that people with fm, our muscles don't actually relax. That's where our trouble and pain stems from. He compared it to rigor mortis, actually.

If you look at it that way, it kind of makes sense that her pain would come at night when she's trying to relax.

Is it possible, too, that she's actually in a flare? That might account for why the weather isn't helping her.

I've never actually been able to pinpoint a time of day where my pain is worse, but if I had to pick one, it would be morning.

Tender hugs,


04/28/2009 06:51 PM

Hi Cindy! It's very nice to meet you!

That happens to me too. My pain is worse at night. I think it may be because it does get a little cooler at night. I have to take pain meds every night before I go to bed too. When I was younger my mom told me I had rheumatism. Now I am wondering if I was exhibiting signs of FM at that age too. The only thing that helped me was BenGay.

I hope your daughter finds relief soon. My heart goes out to her.

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04/28/2009 09:12 PM
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cindy, I read somewhere also that alot of times we will feel the pain more at night or first thing in the morning because at that time of the day, our minds are starting to clear and we focus more on resting and then we start to focus more on the pain.

04/28/2009 09:40 PM
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Hi Cindy, I don't have an answer for you, but my pain definitely seems worse late in the day and at night. I just assumed that maybe it was because I was more tired by that time of the day.

04/28/2009 10:02 PM
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I must agree pain seems to get worse at night. For example today I have been almost pain free, but last night and early, early this morning I was so stiff, muscle spasms and could barely roll over in bed. Now since about 11:00pm I feel the same way. I'm trying to avoid pain meds...not smart right? Pain medicine is usually a must for me at night. Hot baths and showers help relax me a little provided I have enough energy for it.

04/28/2009 11:12 PM
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Hi Cindy

This happens to me too. Another reason my physio's suggested is that the body's tired by the end of the day, muscles are fatigued, the discs in the back have shrunk slightly through the day, and it takes less to get to stress point. I also have a habit of running on adrenaline through the day where there's things to be busy and distract myself with, and block out if I'm over doing it. It isn't until I sit down in the evening that I realise "ow!"

04/29/2009 01:52 AM
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Hi Cindy ~ me, too. It sounds like it's typical, huh? It doesn't matter what I do, by a certain time of day, I'm done. My theory is that I'm tired by then just from normal activities. My day starts at 4:30am and I'm in bed each night by 7-8:00.

I'm an old woman (51) so I don't mind retiring at 7pm. I feel so bad for young people who long to keep up with their healthy friends and can't. ((Hugs)) to your daughter.

04/29/2009 06:53 AM

My body swells during the day. I can really tell it in my feet especially in the summer months. I watch the salt and stuff but they still swell anyhow. That makes my muscles sore and some days there just isn't a comfortable position to get in to sleep.

04/29/2009 07:26 AM
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hi cindy, I always feel worse at night and unless it's real, real hot then my ankles and feet will swell mostly at night. My hands are almost always swelled up to some extent but that's because of my RA. When it gets real hot then forget it, I look like someone blew me up lol Best wishes for your daughter



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