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04/23/2009 10:54 AM

Your pain is KILLING ME!(page 4)

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Ok, I'm intrigued. Has anyone talked to their Rheumy about these supplements? I think I will want to do that before I recommend it for Kay. I'm concerned because it seems like the mangosteen and the 5htp seem to work on seritonin uptake and she is on an SSRI. On the other hand I am convinced that the neurotransmitters are the key to this thing, so anything that helps them seems like a good thing. Like many of you, she tends to be extra sensitive to stuff. I am loving the hope though. Thanks for bringing this up.

04/23/2009 12:18 PM
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Aloha Everyone! Liz here.. Thanks Belabo for the Mangosteen website. I read it and will get some for sure. What really excited me is that it mentioned the climate for which the plant needs to grow, and one noted is "HAWAII". I am going to try to grow it! I am really REALLY excited; avid gardener! Thanks again Bel.. Warm regards ~ Liz

04/23/2009 02:10 PM

fibrogalsmama My rheumy is the one that told me about it. I'll send you a PM.

04/23/2009 02:15 PM

If you aren't sure about any natural supplements, I suggest printing out the information and sharing it with you doctor.

OH another thing. For those of you who take Fish Oil, make sure it is wild fish and not farm raised. The farm raised fish have too much mercury in them. Just an FYI

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04/23/2009 06:12 PM
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I absolutely know that something is better than nothing but just wanted to share some info with you ....

and the websight is

I hope this goes through lol

04/24/2009 08:43 AM

for those of you that have shown interest, i really hope it works well for you and changes your life.

04/28/2009 09:28 PM
InkedmamaPosts: 14

I'm going to order some Mangosteen! It sounds like its worth $13 to give it a try!

Another supplement I'm wondering if anyone takes is L-Tyrosine. L-tyrosine works similiar as does Wellbutrin, which is really the only Rx I take on a regular basis.

I'm doing 5-HTP, Liver detox, Magnesium, a GOOD acidophilus, high potency D, a few others when I

I am trying to do this as natural as I can.

04/28/2009 09:37 PM
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Yay, Erin! You go, girl! I'd really urge you to try the Noni, too. I'm thinking of switching from the juice to the pills because it's cheaper.

You're on all good stuff!

Healthy hugs,


04/29/2009 08:38 AM

Inkedmama I'm happy to hear you're doing natural supplements.

Has it helped you? Please keep me updated on the Mangosteen. I really think my rheumy is on to something. Wink

04/29/2009 08:59 AM
InkedmamaPosts: 14

Well, I have used natural supplements for years. I really got into them about 10 years ago. I worked in a health food store and it changed my life.

I've only in the last year have had FMS symptoms. I just recently (January) have been diagnosed. I can't say I notice a difference yet, although I'm having a good day today, especially good (which is scary). But I've been sticking to taking 5-HTP this last week (200mgs at night, with carbs only- (I forget sometimes).

Thats my biggest problem, remembering to take all the supplements, and at the right time. Some you take with food, some without.

The thing about 5-HTP is it is an Amino Acid, so you shouldn't take it with protein, they compete.

The acidophilus REALLY helps my digestive system, as does the Magnesium. I HAVE to take it if I want to go to the bathroom. I have had that issue for as long as I can remember.

I take Kelp (natural source of Iodine) for my thyroid. I have been just slightly hypothyroid, not enough for meds, but I felt I needed some sort of help. My most recent blood work for my thyroid:

October 2008 - TSH: 3.19

April 2009 -TSH: 2.35

I think the Kelp helped, I take one a day, plus there is additional Iodine in my Multi.


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