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02/10/2008 03:13 PM

Clenching my Teeth

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Hi, everyone! Lately I have been clenching my teeth. I don't grind them, but find myself constantly clenching them together. My jaw has always bothered me, but this clenching is new! Any suggestions on why I may be doing this? Could it be from the Fibro, the meds, TMJ, etc......Wassat It is very irritating and yet I still can't stop.

02/10/2008 03:30 PM
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WOW...I do that as well. I ALWAYS catch myself doing it and it's usually when I'm really stressed or nervous. BUT...I can't figure out why I do it or what causes it!

I'm really glad you started this thread...I'm anxious to hear what everyone has to say about this!

I hope you can get some info and we can find a way to QUIT doing can't be good for our jaw, teeth, mind OR headaches!!

{{{{fibro Hugs}}}}

02/10/2008 03:37 PM
tiredofbeintiredPosts: 3

According to just about everything I have read about fibromyalgia, TMJ is a part of it. TMJ doesn't just include the jaw joint it includes the muscles as well. Some things I know you can do for it is take an anti-inflammatory such as Aleve, Motrin or something like that. There is also a mouthpiece you can get at wal-mart called Doctors Night Guard, you sleep with that in your mouth and it supposed to keep you from clenching your teeth. I haven't tried it. Muscle relaxers do help some also, I have tried this. I know the motrin and things like that help too, but I can't take them anymore because I have to take Coumadin.

02/10/2008 04:57 PM
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From what I've read, TMJ is very common with fibro. I have periods of clenching my teeth and jaw, and I dont' know why I'm doing it. I do think it has alot to do with stress, and maybe the muscles are clenching because of the fibro too. When it happens, if I'm awake (ha!ha!),I will try to make a concerted effort to find another way to deal with the stress. Sometimes I'll so some stretching or something to better direct my energy. I know it's tough. I think so much of it is subconcious too.

02/10/2008 05:16 PM
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I have an awful time with TMJ, I clinched my teeth without realizing it. I tried one of those mouth guards football players used, it tended to fall out as I slept. I have a bit of constant ache in my right jaw, I've broken the roots in all of my back teeth and nerve problems in my lower front teeth. I had neglected going to the dentist since I had so many other expenses, bad judgement on my part. Make sure you see a dentist, the health of your mouth can create other problems. I try aleve and Bayer aspirin to relieve some of the discomfort. hope you feel better.

02/10/2008 05:43 PM

I clench my teeth too when stressed. I never associated it with fibro before.

02/11/2008 10:50 AM
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Thanks! I'm definately going to buy one of those mouthguards. I don't just do it when I'm stressed, I catch myself doing it all of the time.

02/14/2008 10:18 AM
wondervixenPosts: 24

I just posted almost this exact same thing on another thread, so forgive me if you've read it already.

I recently read in the latest issue of Fibromyalgia Aware magazine that FM causes TMJ/TMD, clenching and grinding (Bruxism), and dry mouth.

I also have found myself clenching my teeth a lot and never imagine it would be from FM.

02/14/2008 12:20 PM

Gosh reading all these posts about symptoms others have is beginning to make me feel like a hypochondriacGrin

Clenching teeth....whoever would have thought Fibro connection. I clench my teeth without realizing I am doing it. Then when I do I tell myself relax. Five minutes later I am doing it again. Same way when I am driving. I find myself gripping the steering wheel so hard my hands start to hurt. Then when I realize what I am doing, again I say relax. But before you know it I am gripping the wheel againGrin


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