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02/04/2008 05:42 AM

Stabbing pain in armpit

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I know I have been posting a lot of different messages lately, but I was just recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I guess Ihave a lot of questions. I guess the toughest part is feeling pain in my body and the fact that the pain is not always in the same spot. Every time my pain moves to a different area in my body, I think that I have a different medical situation, but I know it is just from the fibro.

Yesterday I started getting this stabbing pain under my left armpit. It actually felt as though something was stabbing into the muscles under this armpit. The pain follows along that muscle and moves all the way up my arm and down the side of my body. Does anyone else experience this pain.

I just get scared every time the pain moves to a different area. I need to vent and talk with people who maybe experience the same thing. that was I know for sure it is the fibro and not something else. Thanks for listening!


02/04/2008 06:11 AM
teri hayes  
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fibro can explain alot of pains, at the same time I am rel careful with some of them. my first real onset felt like a heart attack. thank god it wasn't but the extreme level of pain did cause my heart rate to go up dangerously high. if i had ignored it i probly would have had a heart attack. I no longer panic over every pain but I am coutious about some of them.



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