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03/10/2009 10:12 PM

"My Diary" having a Fibro-Memory Loss!!

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Can someone explain why My Diary(on this website)is NOT saving my entries anymore? Is it having a fibro-Fog/memory loss? It's scary when inanimate objects start acting like people. I am very upset that I spent 30min writing my diary and it's gone!

I feel like my whole life is like that. All of my efforts and achievements are gone. No wonder I have commitment issues because everything gets taken away from me. Why bother doing anything when everything you do gets destroyed? Why bother living if you cannot achieve anything in life??


03/10/2009 10:17 PM
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I had the same problem the other day and learned a very valuable lesson. I write on a word doc first then copy and paste, that way if it goes away again it is no problem to get it up again. Just find a way to self protect. I'm sorry you're so frustrated hon.

03/10/2009 10:52 PM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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EXCELLENT fibro tip, Casty!

03/11/2009 12:25 AM
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thanks for that tip. I've never really got the diary working. People would give tips, etc. And after spending a good bit of time writing, the little box just disappears. It is very frustrating.

Hope the tip works.



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