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05/06/2012 12:08 AM

how do you take care of your hair when you are jus

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right sick?

i dread washing my hair, then i use the hair dryer for a bit and let the rest air day. i don't have the energy to wash my hair well (it's really hard for me to raise my arm to my head, and the alternative of bending over well i just can't bend over), it's not dried well, and i find it energy exhausting to comb it. anyone else have similar problem?


05/06/2012 12:12 AM


YES! It is exhausting! I cannot even remember the last time that I used a blow dryer on my hair. It hurts to hold it that long and I don't have the energy. Do the best you can and maybe you don't have to wash your hair each day? Take a shower but wear a shower cap and wash it a few times a week.

Unless you work and have to wash it each day? It is exhausting all around!

Just taking a shower some days is all that I can do. It sucks!

Sorry that you are going thru this too. You are not alone. Wink

Welcome to the group! Smile

welcome 125

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05/06/2012 03:35 AM
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Short hair! That's my solution! Smile

05/06/2012 03:55 AM
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Ugh!!!!! Please tell me when you find the answer - - mine is dirty right now and I raelly really really don't have the energy right now! Thank goodness my husband loves me regardless. LOL

Warm welcome to the group, We all understand I promise!!!

Gentle hugs,


05/06/2012 05:03 AM
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mine is dirty and my roots are about 3 inches long. The haircolor sits on a shelf in the bathroom and mocks me everytime I look in the mirror. My bestie was going to color it for me cuz holding my arms over my head is unbearable...I'm always in tears before I'm 1/4 done...but she has yet to find time for it.

I refuse to cut my hair off, it took long to grow it. So, I live in a ponytail most of the time...throw a cap over it to go in public.

05/06/2012 06:39 AM
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i just have short hair always have... even as a kid because i hate how long it took to wash lol....and i also cut and color my own hair.. and when i was reall bad i had to teach a friend to cut and color my hair for 6 months for me... she thought it was fun lol i found it aggravating lol... but it got me thru till i could kinda do it myself... no real solution i wash my hair in the sink in the bathroom as quick as i could because i hate being dirty always been told since i was a kid (because i was sick all the time) take a shower first every day no matter how you feel befor you assess how you feel Sometimes a shower just makes you feel better... and somerimes it did and sometimes not so much.. lolit taght me to know my body better,,,, and even when i couldnt take showers alone i would take one when hbby got home.. because if i came right down to it i rather be clean then eat lol

05/06/2012 07:37 AM
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Someone is watching out for hair is fairly short...and about 7 months ago started getting super used to be straight.....discovered it was from my methotrexate...RA med....huh...go figure.....but........the good thing is, after getting used to curly hair....I just wash, condition, and towel more hair dryer, and no more having to curl or style it....blessing in disguise....LOL

05/06/2012 12:49 PM
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When I left my first husband, I had hair to my waist. That first summer, I decided to get my Master Diver SCUBA certification, and that meant being in the water just about every weekend, all weekend long, for an entire summer. Having hair that long, I had to braid it to keep it from floating around, wrapping around my hoses, floating in front of my face, etc. I got tired of dealing with brading and unbraiding it, so I cut it back to shoulder length, where just a ponytail holder would keep it contained enough.

Finally said to heck with it, cut it very short (as in above my ears and a clean shaved neckline). Been that way ever since, which is almost 20 years now. As a truck driver, it was so much easier to deal with on the truck with it being that short. I keep it colored too, because I've got so much grey now... Well, hubby is 10 years younger than me. We were in a resturant once and my grey was in full glory! lol Hubby went to the restroom and the waitress came by and asked if my SON wanted a refill of his ice tea. My SON??? That ws my husband!

So, unless I want to be mistaken for his mother, I have to keep mine colored! SillyGrinW00t

Right now, it seriously needs a cut and a color. It's touching my collar and the roots are like Dana, about 3 inches long! lol and considering my hair's only about 3.5 inches right now (and should be a lot less than that).... Yep, time for a cut, and color, tho I do the color myself. Who can afford a stylist to do a color? $50? Sheesh. Garnier Nutrisse is $8 or less.Smile

Short is definately the way to go if you have problems with reaching up. No styling, just wash, towel, comb out, go.

05/06/2012 01:36 PM
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I use dry shampoo when I am too sore or tired to wash and dry it. I like the brand made by Batista. You can buy it on Amazon or at Ulta. I've tried more expensive dry shampoos too. This one does the same job for a lot less money. I use the floral scent which seems to be OK for me. Spray it on, rub it around, brush it out. Solves most problems when I just can't deal with anything else.

05/06/2012 02:26 PM
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I have long hair and since I have been ill, it has turned to straw when I use the blow dryer... I've gone to shampooing every other day and most of the time I let it dry by itself... is little harder to fix later but not so much energy involved.. it also falls out something terrible... hubby washes the gray out for meSmile when I don't feel like fixing it, it goes up .... figure that is easier than short hair that has to be fixed everyday.... the months I was bedridden ponytail became hubbys specialitySmile

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