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03/08/2008 05:39 AM

Excessive Sweating Anyone??(page 6)

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yep this is fimiliar to me i sweat alot, cold or not, i can be 48 outside and im still sweating. Or 119 and still sweating. Cant win for loseing. Let me know if and when u find out why?

03/13/2008 09:53 AM
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I sweat terribly. I set my heat on 72 and I freeze. If I set it to 73 I'm sweating to death. my body is so sensitive to temperature. I also get this horrible smell when I sweat. I can't even stand to smell myself. I can't describe what it smells like, but it ruins my clothes. I asked my dr for a prescription deodorant and he looked at me like I was crazy! I know they carry it b/c my pharmacist told me about it.

03/13/2008 10:29 AM

Two Words: Baby Powder.

03/13/2008 10:36 AM

Secret now has clinical strength (prescription) deodorant over the counter. Supposed to work well.,

09/07/2009 07:36 PM
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I am so glad I joined this group because I thought I was going insane with all this sweating. I have Fibro as well as some other not so fun stuff, combine that with having a cold and my period and I swear I just want someone to just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

I can sweat even if it's freezing outside. Thank God for people/sites like you/this.

11/27/2009 01:55 AM
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First post here, very glad I found this group. I too sweat excessively, even before starting any meds. This was one of my initial complaints to my doctor, who didn't believe me until I broke out in a sweat and looked as though I had just been jogging, while in her air conditioned office. I was put on cymbalta, which seemed to make the sweating incredibly worse.

Does anyone take a similar medicine which does not seem to increase sweating?

Be well

11/27/2009 02:56 AM
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Welcome Dave,

You've come to a great place we have some FANTASTIC GUYS AND GALS HERE who are compassionate and caring.

As for your med I'm on Cymbalta and it doesn't cause me any problems with sweating at all from this med. But meds react differently to each of us. I know some used a med called Celexa that is spose to be like cymbalta, I'm sure some of the others will be on later and give you some other ideas.

Again, welcome and hope you stay a while.......

Soft gentle hugs,


11/27/2009 05:05 AM
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SWEAT - - I don't sweat!!! I just have regular sessions where I 'rain' on myself! And I am not even on Cymbalta!

Wecome to the group! There are lots of wonderful people (who are very clever) who will no doubt give you all the medical side of things. I think it is something to do with running a low fever because of the fibro. Don't we all just LOVE the condition!!!! In the meantime - just join me under my umbrella and we will have a cry together.

Gentle hugs and much love


11/27/2009 05:43 AM
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well,i dont know about you lot all sweating. But down here in oz we dont need to have fibro to sweat like dogs. goodnight all. its nearly midnight in oz. take care all.

11/27/2009 08:02 AM
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I laughed so hard a wet myself,lol

I rain as well...I sat in my cold house one day and it was halariuose how I went from dry to looking like I forgot to towel off..

I recently had a thread about how sometimes when I sweat it has a sulfer type smell..

I started taking baths in epsion salt to help remove toxins..

as for baby powder its a good Idea I wind up making white mud,lol..

I think it is important to consider meds being part of the problem I have heard people say they sweated on cymbalta..

Dave welcome to the group you found a great place..


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