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04/26/2012 10:36 AM

Help- Flair-ups, Norco, and Menstrual Pain

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Hi there. I'm new here (though, I've been reading the threads on this site for about a year).

I'm 22 and I've had fibro for two years- characterized by chronic, daily headaches; tmj pain; sleep disturbances; widespread pain, etc.

I take skelaxin, tizanidine, and an anti-viral (acyclovir- my fibro started suddenly after a flu-like illness. We're having a lot of success with the anti-viral so far. I've been able to stop taking gabapentin, elavil, and a number of other drugs without much incidence).


My doctor also started me on Norco about a month ago. I've only been taking it at night, because that's when my pain is normally the worst. But, about 5 days ago, I started having a pretty bad flare-up (bad headaches and tmj pain, back and leg pain) that I'm still currently in.

The flare-up also happened to coincide with the the start of my period, though. And I've had bad pain during my period before, but it's usually just my back and legs that hurt more, not my head.

So I suppose I'm asking for any personal experience with either.

Have any of you had similar experiences with Norco- rebound headaches, for instance?

Or is it more likely that this flair was just caused by my period?


04/26/2012 11:01 AM


Welcome to the group! Smile

welcome to the gang 0e0c7e498e922571015c2afef9997d4b

04/26/2012 11:13 AM
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Hello and welcome. So sorry you're having a rough time of it right now. That's interesting about the anti-viral. I take norco, but I'm fortunate in that I don't have bad headaches (knock on wood!). I have heard, though, via a friend of mine that has migraines, that hydrocodone can cause rebound headaches. I'd check with your doctor, though.

I would tend to think the other body pains were brought on by your period. That's a stress, and could definitely cause a flare.

I hope it gets better! Liz

04/26/2012 02:14 PM
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Hello alyssastaley, Firstly, Heart goes out to you big time for all your present challenges plus hope that you will soon have an easing up of all pains!!

Secondly, am not on the same meds as you yet ever since fibro started at the age of 24 have had super painful periods as well as extra long ones(can go on for as long as 10 days)- 6 days long is the shortest one. Did take a medicine to try to help with this yet it made me very ill so had to stop it,now just grit my teeth through each month when menstrual cycle happens- do not take any prescribed medicines for this symptom. Although do take Omega 3&6 and evening primrose oil- this helps somewhat, yet still have heavy long painful periods.

Think the fibro does make periods more painful/severe- well this is my experience anyhow. Often have migraines around time of period, too!!

Would say also to go to your doctor, please!!

Lastly, a very warm welcome to the group!!

Hope you will get some relief soon.

Take excellent care of You and lean on us all anytime, okay.

Super gentle soothing hugs, love Clarita

04/26/2012 02:24 PM
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I've read on discussions here that Fibro can go hand-in-hand with polycystic ovaries, endometriosis and fibroid tumors. Before I had my diagnosis of Fibro, I had all the above and had a total hysterectomy, including ovaries and tubes, in '05. I think I've had Fibro for 25+ years before I finally walked into the rheumy and said "is this fibro" and he confirmed it was.

I didn't have long periods or really heavy ones, but the cramps would double me up on the couch 3 days twice a month (at period and ovulation times). I had exploratory laprotomy done in June of '05 to drain an ovary cyst and when I woke up in the recovery room, the first thing out of the doc's mouth was "and when do you want to schedule your hysterectomy?"

Believe it or not... I had a vaginal hysterectomy, and believe it or not, 3 weeks after surgery, I was in a semi driving cross country, doing 500 miles a day! Thought I was superwoman I guess, lol.

I hope you get to feeling better! And welcome to the group!

04/26/2012 02:29 PM
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Yikes! I had a major case of endometriosis! I had three surgeries and put on every drug possible, until thankfully mentalpause!

This is getting crazier by the day! Hope you feel better Alyssa! We are here for you!

05/05/2012 08:56 AM
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I know it's delayed, but thank you everyone for your responses!

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