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04/19/2012 08:53 PM

New to the site/group(page 2)

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Welcome to the fibro group. You have already gotten some great advice. I'm glad you are going to see a rheumy, and hopefully he will be receptive and caring about your pain and other symptoms. My advice to you is to write everything down before you go to the dr. Write down what symptoms you have and when. Rate your pain on a 1-10 scale and how long it lasts. It does sound like you have RLS, which a lot of us have. It is evil and makes it really hard to sleep. Fibro makes it hard to sleep all the way around. If you go into the office with all your ducks in a row, hopefully the dr will begin the testing for other things to rule out before deciding it is fibro.

Please let us know how the appt goes, and what is happening with you. I agree, please read some of the older posts as there is a lot of good information there. Welcome to the fibro family!! HUGS


04/20/2012 05:09 AM
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Another question.....I had lost of 100 lbs on weight watchers back in 2005. I was able to keep it off for serveral years and gained back 35lbs because of a stressful family situation and just stopped paying attention to my weight daily. I decided to go back on weight watchers about 5 months ago and get rid of this extra weight. I have been doing the same exact thing I did to lose the first time and can't lose a pound!!! I am on high blood pressure meds with a water retention reducer in them but feel bloated constantly like I'm days away from my period even though it just ended. I was wondering if this inability to lose weight is another side effect of whatever I may have going on. I've been asked if I exercise and my job is cardio to the max.....I have absolutely no energy (or time) for regular exercise after what my job takes out of me physically. I also hadn't done any more exercise than my job the first time I lost all the weight. Any ideas????

04/20/2012 05:13 AM
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Yep, it could be. Though I'm glad that you are going to a rheumy. You should get checked out of other things as well since FM mimics so many other things.

As to exercise, you're gonna need to start slowly and work up. Sounds like you are also gonna need your thyroid checked. FM mimics thyroid problems and those can also cause the inability to lose weight.

Welcome to the group as well! I've been off for a bit and just now saw this so I apologize for my slow welcome.


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