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02/27/2012 11:05 PM

New to Group..Frustrated with SO many symptoms!(page 2)

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The only thing I would add to what everyone else has said is be careful of those one-side-of-the-face-or-body thing. It may be nothing more than another symptom of Fibro, but it could also be something in the head like a Transient Ischemic Attack (a non-permenant mini-stroke). That's where keeping the list of symptoms for the doc would be a very good thing to have.

02/28/2012 12:20 AM
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Welcome, all of the symptoms can be really frustrating cuz you're not sure if it's fibro or some other that is wrong. I started writing down all of them and researching to see if it was on a list of fibro symptoms, if it was I'd just tell my doc I found something new fibro left for me, if it wasn't I'd tell her I got a weird one for you doc. See you around the boards dear. Hugs and Love

th Frogwelcome

02/28/2012 12:36 AM
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Migraines are very common for many fibromites. I personally have never had one. You're right the TMJ ia probably not helping the symptoms. Fibro does move around so it's not uncommon to have pain in your legs on month and then pain somewhere else the next month. So sorry to hear about your Dad, Yes, traumatic events can put fibro into motion. If you don't like this neuro, try to find another one. I made the mistake of staying with a bad rheumi for severa years who pretty much acted cynical about my symptoms. No patient shoulb be teated like that.

Good luck and let us know how you make out,


02/28/2012 08:19 AM
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Hey there and welcome to the group. I also have two small kids and it's tough. If you think this is something else, it could be. Have you tried to look and see if you can figure it out or are you not wanting to do that? For some people it's a good idea, for others it sends them down the "googlitis" road. If you choose to do so, be careful you don't think everything is you because you fit one or two symptoms. As far as meds go, it does take a while to figure out what works and in what combo with others.

02/28/2012 09:25 AM
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I am not sure what to think about all of this, or what else I can really do besides what I'm doing..I've had bloodwork from my GP, numerous Rheumatologist visits, two ER visits including a CT head scan, I see a psychologist for the stress and anxiety this gives me, and will also be seeing a neurologist for these headaches and twitches I've been experiencing. Does anyone else have the kind I'm talking about? Where it doesn't really feel like a headache, but instead almost like a muscle cramp in my head? I guess maybe it's the same as the muscle contractions I have everywhere else, just now in a different area. I hear that the twitches could likely be stress related too (as you can tell I have just a wee bit of that..) I have done lots of research on all of my symptoms, and they do fit with the fibro dx I've been given, but for some reason I have a hard time accepting that all of this stuff could be related to that. I also tend to become a cyberchondriac if I read too much, since sometimes my symptoms take me down a very depressing and catastrophic road on the internet. Like I type in "new chronic headache" and I get everything from "massive tumor your ct scan could've missed" to "developing aneurysm" to "ALS" to "MS"... I've always been a bit of an OCD type worrier, as you can probably all tell, but this is just getting me down. i think it effects me a lot because now I think of everything in terms of my two kids, and not just how it effects me. I hate to sound like such a downer..I think I used to actually be considered pretty upbeat! I know I need to focus on positive things.. great family, happy kids, etc, but this makes it hard to focus on other stuff..Ugh. Sorry about all the venting.

03/01/2012 06:47 PM
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I take topamax for my headaches and it seems to do pretty well. I makes soda takes like metal. I was on Lyrica and Cymbalta but my MD took me off of it because I really couldnt see any difference. I am starting on Sevlla. It would be great if that would work. I can print off the list from the above website and just keep checcking all the way down. I understand how you are feeling. I havent been long joined the site but it is great. It has helped to know that I am not alone in this and that there are people out there with the same problems that I have

03/01/2012 07:39 PM
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Do not worry about coming here to vent. That is what we are here for, to give you a safe place to vent where ppl can understand and be supportive. I know what you mean by "cybercondriac" My daughter used to do that, and it drove me crazy..She would look up something simple, and come out crying that she was gonna die!! It is hard to distinguish between what is normal fibro problems, and what is something totally unrelated. I agree that a list of all symptoms with locations and length of problem is a great idea. This will let your dr in on exactly what you are going through, and then make better decisions about your treatment.

As far as the headaches, I am there with you. Sometimes it does feel like there is a cramp in my head. I do have sporatic migraines, regular headaches, and the cramp feeling. I also have a tender scalp at times for no reason. Feels like someone has been pulling me around by my hair, and certain spots are soooo tender. The "twiches" are something that I have noticed a lot of lately. I will find that while sitting in my chair, different parts of my body will just start "twiching" My upper lip was doing it the other day, and it felt so weird. I kept pulling on it to make it stop and it finally did, but geez...anything else? It's all intermittant. Some days there is a lot going on in the body, some days not so much.

Just thought some of this might relax you some, knowing that you aren't the only one with some of these symptoms. Keep pushing will get through this, just like we all will. HUGS


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