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06/10/2011 02:57 PM

Relief for Pain

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Ok Everyone, My friend turned me on to this cream that helps with pain. My shoulders ache all the time. After using this the pain is gone. My feet, back and legs are feeling better. I will put the link in here. I make no money off of this. I didn't believe in it till I started using it and felt the difference so if you want to try it do so. I don't usually endorse things but when you find something that helps, I believe in letting people know. Let me know how it makes you feel. Eileen

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06/11/2011 05:24 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I can tell you it works too and I haven't even tried it yet. I know this because it contains MSM. When my docs put me on prescription meds last ywar, my body hated them. From here I was on a quest to find something else that would work. I don't take prescription meds anymore insteadvI do take MSM for the pain and melatonin to sleep and now I finally get sleep. I also use DMSO. Yes the linament used on livestock and horses. Laugh if you will, but it instantly stops the pain.

Either way, don't just stop your meds if you are mad that they don't work. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you.

Don't crawl under your rock! It just makes it worse.

God bless,


06/11/2011 07:05 PM
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TY Faithful, It also has Glucosamine in it and That is also good for pain. I also take MSM 1000 2 x a day. I will look into the DMSO

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