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04/03/2011 11:45 AM

Fibro & bone marrow

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Hi everyone....I am 43 & have had Fibro for about 20 years. I manage it mostly with sheer determination & an infra red sauna.

My question is this.....does anyone know if it's EVER possible to donate bone marrow when you have Fibro?

I know under the national registry guidelines it's an absolute no....but I am wondering if it's a little more of a possibility if it's for a family member who must have a transplant.

My brother must have a bone marrow transplant & he has 5 siblings (me included) lined up & ready to be tested. I am scared to death that once they find out what i have they will rule me out entirely! There is so much conflicting info about whether or not this IS an auto immune syndrome or not. I realize donating bone marrow might be harder on me than others...but I don't care! As long as it wouldn't put my brother at further risk. But if I did happen to be the only match wouldn't it be worth a try?

Anyway....just wondering if anyone here has any input.

Thank you & have a pain free day!



04/03/2011 02:42 PM
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Do you see a Rheumy for the Fibro? My rheumy did not see anything wrong with donating, but can't anymore since last July. I had almost fainted since my body can't take the blood lost. And then it takes so long to recoup from the extreme fatigue. I am not anemic, it all has to do with the Chronic Fatigue syndrome that goes hand in hand with the Fibro.

I truly wish you all the best to you and your relative. Take care and continue to ask questions in this regards.

Warm hugs. OlgaGrin

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