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12/04/2008 07:48 PM


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What kind of tests can my doctor do to let me know if I really have fibro?

12/04/2008 08:26 PM

There is not one single test that can say that you have Fibro. They do many blood tests to rule out other conditions such as arthritis, Lupus etc. Then they will do a tender point test touching 18 different parts on your body. if you have 11 or more of the tender points and pain on both sides of your body for three or more months for no other reason then they will usually diagnos fibro. It is best to see a Rhuemetologist to be diagnosed. You might try and google fibromyalgia there is allot of information out there. Smile

12/04/2008 08:26 PM
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I know that sed rate and feratin blood tests can check inflamation levels. But that isn't a sure fire way. I forget where I read this, so you may want to google it, there is new studies that an apa test can show fibro. Good luck.


12/06/2008 03:51 PM

jenn, apa or ana test? I just wondered because I had an ANA choice screen come back positive but was negative for Lupus, Sjogrens, etc... My new doctor said that this was a sign of a fibro / inflammation. My creatine kinase levels were also elevated. Is this what your talking about?

Thanks, Kay


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