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12/25/2007 06:04 PM

Cheers to a great holiday

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I can only hope that everyone had a good day today. I hope everyone was painfree as possible and I hope you all enjoyed your time with your loved ones. Today I had a great day even though it was just hubby and I, we had a great time!! Due to fact that I can't bear the Ohio weather he came down to spend the holidays with me. I wasn't able to be with the rest of my family but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to feel well and this year we thought it would be best for me to stay in Florida where its warmer. Merry Christmas everyone!!

12/25/2007 06:43 PM

Glad you enjoyed time with hubby. Maybe you can find another time to be with rest of family. I wish you painfree day also.

I had great day with my daughters and hubby and son inlaw. My married daughter lives only 2 miles away and younger daughter lives here. It was emotional being first Christmas w/o my mom but it was good.


12/25/2007 09:36 PM

i for one am glad you are staying here at home with us... tell me can you beat a 72 degree Christmas? haha! i know it is hard being away from your fella, but that trip would kick your butt. and its cold everywhere else, girl what ARE you thinkin' haha. seriously, i do empathise with you about being away from you fella.

if you need me, i am in the phone book, and have free long distance... we fl. girls have to stick together... are you ok? pm me, i'll give you my addy. whatever you need.

12/25/2007 09:39 PM

oh, oh, oh... i misread yeah, you have your beloved with you and you may want to call ME? hahahaha, just try out those endorphins, and all will be right as rain. hahaha. but i am still here if you ever need me.

pondering like a daft person.


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