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01/30/2011 06:58 PM



The pain in my neck is so excruciating.

The sides of my neck and the base of my head! OUCH!

It hurts so bad.

My shoulder blades are in so much pain too!

It literally hurts to move my head! Sad

I wish I did not have Fibromyalgia.

I am in constant pain 24/7

This has got to get better!

My wrists feel like they are gonna break in 2. UGH!

I needed to vent.

Please say a prayer for me....if u can! Sideways Silly Pinch Unsure Sad


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01/30/2011 07:14 PM
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Dear amazing,

I sure will add you to my prayer list. Do you have pain meds? You might want to ask the dr if you can take more or get something stronger.

Are you sitting and bent over while posting on here? I have to move my neck around every once in awhile. We don't realize sometimes, how long we actually are on here.

Do you have a rice bag? If not, you can make one out of a sock. Fill it 2/3 full of rice and knot the end shut. Then microwave it 1 1/2 min. and then just lay it on your neck and across your shoulders. If you need more, make a pr. They hold the heat for quite sometime. Be careful not to get it too hot.

God is going to be holding you in His big warm arms and comforting you.

Gentle hugs,


Bear and wolf Hugs

01/31/2011 12:45 AM
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Hi amazing1, Can I yell with you? MY NECK HURTS SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!! Hmmm,,,,That felt good! Anyway, if the heat don't help,,,,try ice. It works wonders for me! I need a whole shirt and/or body suit.....LOL.

Seriously, I will include you in my prayers tonight....ohhhh,,,,welll,,,,this morning as it is 12:45am here in Cali.

Gentle Hugs from a Cali night owl

01/31/2011 05:30 AM
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vent away sweetheart..I have had for almost two years a problem with my neck that goes down my arm and up my face it is so bad..I have no strength..the docs still think its a disc problem but are having trouble locating it..what I have done is put a pain patch(I use salon pas)on the front side of my neck it helps for a bit..good luck and so sorry for the pain I know ow it can really get you will get through

01/31/2011 06:27 AM
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Oh sweetie! I hope it's feeling better this morning!! Don't you wish our heads didn't weigh so much??? What's up with that anyway?? You'd think our feet would weigh the most......wouldn't ya??

Mingo is laughing right now!!! LOL (That's my quaker parrot!)

01/31/2011 07:27 AM
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i know exactly how you feel, my neck and shoulders hurt everyday and my arms just feel like they are going to fall off, especially by the end of the day. Do you take any of the meds for nerve pain? I finally started Lyrica in September and it cut my pain down by about 50%. The other meds were just impossible for me to take I had tried them first but couldn't get past the side effects, Cymbalta and Savella both made me sick.I hope its better today.

01/31/2011 07:54 AM
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I am praying for you, sweetie! Hang in there. I'll send my lil man to you so he can twirl your hair! Keep everyone posted on how you are.

Love ya! <3

Had to send you this one!!

01/31/2011 11:18 AM

Thank you so much to everyone for their kindness and prayers and good wishes. Wink


What would I ever do without you? You have been there for me every step of the way.

You are the like a sister to me...only better! LOL

I love and adore you! Thank you so much! Kissing

PLEASE send your lil man...I need him to twirl my hair! LOL


Thank you so much for being there for me too.

You always make me smile and laugh!

We have a special connection!

You are like a sister too!

Please kiss Mingo for me!

Love ya! Kissing

I will say a prayer for everyone.

Stay warm and stay safe! Smile

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01/31/2011 11:35 AM
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Haha! The way he's been acting today, I'll get him in the mail priority in about 10 minutes!!! LOL

01/31/2011 11:37 AM

Is FEDEX faster? LMAO

Shocked Blink Tongue Silly


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