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11/23/2008 11:55 PM

Weird symptom---feels like a sunburn(page 2)

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This is so crazy! I have been feeling the burning pain all over my body... even my lips, for the past week. It does feel like a sunburn only in some parts it comes along with a numbing, tingly sinsation. Not much fun. I have also been told this is the fibro. Today I woke up with the sunburn feeling but I also have itching all over. what is up with that?

I hope you get some relief soon hun, cause I know its no fun at all.


11/24/2008 03:36 AM
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i have had same symptoms in past. thank God not right now. it is AWFUL!my thoughts and lots of gentle hugs to you.

04/21/2009 04:31 PM
orochimaruPosts: 5
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The sensation you are experiencing is most likely paresthesia. It can be a burning sensation on the skin, much like sunburn, but it can also be a tingling, crawling or prickling sensation.

There hasn't been a direct link found between FM and paresthesia as of yet, so it is most likely a coincidence, however it is a symptom of several illnesses and could be a sign of a pinched nerve or nerve damage.

People who have peripheral neuropathy as a result of diabetes, lupus, Guillann-Barre syndrome or multiple sclerosis are likely to experience paresthesia. If you have any of these illnesses, or suspect nerve damage or a pinched nerve, it may explain the underlying cause.

If you have not been diagnosed with any of those illnesses, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about it, to get to the root of the problem. It may be something as simple as a pinched nerve, but if it is something more serious, you don't want to let it go without getting checked out.

04/21/2009 04:48 PM

Hi there orochimaru and welcome to our fibro family. I'm glad that you knew what that burning sensation was called cause we've been discussing it for awhile now in different threads and no one knew what it was or how to treat it. I get that because of my Diabetes and I also damaged my ulna nerve being over zealous at a Steelers/Redskins pre season game.

I'm glad you found us. Please keep posting so we can get to know you better.



04/21/2009 05:27 PM
aTinaLPosts: 11832
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orochimaru, what a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for joining our fibro family!

Janilee's right, we discuss this all the time and I don't believe anyone has ever put a name to it for us- thanks Smile

The best way to get a lot out of the group is to post like crazy!

Question and comment as much as you'd like. There are a lot of truly wonderful people in here, and I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better, too!

Um, Janilee, you gonna tell us who you were rooting for? LOL!

Yay, another footie ball fan!!! Let me warn you, I get really passionate about my footbalL!

04/21/2009 05:56 PM
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orochimaru, nice to meet you, I am so glad you are joining the site.I have never know that there was a name for that I do get it sometimes and the md has always told me it was nerve related and left it at that.

I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

08/14/2013 12:38 PM
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I am home in bed with a simular situation. I have the burning around my middle that feels like a bad sunburn. I have been dx with fibromyalgia and lupus. I am 62 years old. I went to Dr on Monday and got a steroid shot to calm down the pain. He put me on t/cosine . I am always afraid to take it cuz I Don't want to get addicted to any meds. You have to b very careful when you have a chronic illness.

Wish I knew what is going on with me.

08/14/2013 01:10 PM
sammykatePosts: 491

Do you see any kind of rash, redness, etc? I recently had a similar experience, and my skin did look red and irritated, but there wasn't really a raised rash. We could not figure out what caused it. I took some Benadryl and had a soak in an oatmeal bath (you know, like the powdered Aveeno stuff you put in the bath to relieve itching). It took a few days to completely go away, but it did, and has not come back.

My sister gets shingles, and she said that feels like a burn. That's why I asked about the rash. If you have had chicken pox, you can get shingles. I hope that's not what it is, as I have heard it can be very painful. Hope you get this figured out, and find some relief soon.

08/15/2013 06:02 AM
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I don't get the burning sensation so much, for me it's the bruised feeling of sunburn that I get. No visible anything but even the slightest brush against my skin will feel like I'm being hit with a hammer. It's worst across my back and rib cage. Just my clothing moving can cause pain. I am also very sensitive to pressure, but not necessarily while it's being applied. If someone does something like lightly squeeze my arm (friendly gesture) it hurts for 5 minutes, throbbing, as soon as they release me.

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