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01/16/2011 10:05 PM

Follow up/not usual IBS or stomach bug...

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Here it is the tenth day and FINALLY the stomach cramping, nausea, complete loss of appetite, and diarrhea has lightened up a bit...this wasn't the stomach flu as my GP would think, nor the "normal" bouts of IBS, this was a WHOPPER of I don't know what!!! But here's what my point is to this post and I really hope someone will reply. During that time my upper body pain, I'll say neck just for an example...completely went away and felt NORMAL! Now that my Intestinal track is recovering from whatever THAT was...I am starting to feel all the upper body pain again, it's not full blown like usual, but I feel it nonetheless. I admit a part of me was hoping it would stay gone. I went to my Fibro Physical Therapist on Friday and told him that whatever he would do to my neck would not cause me any pain, I knew it wouldn't...I felt NORMAL (in that sense) and even he was he did some other techniques for my liver and intestines instead. I've never had this happen before...such awful digestion/intestinal problems for so long, without the upper body pain and that's getting better, I feel the upper body pain start up again, not all the way yet, but it's just so BAFFLING!!!

Please submit any comments or insights...thank you all so much!!! <3 Jeanette

...and to "stillhopeful"...I'm only on Chapter 3 and it's a great book for FM sufferers!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend it. Once again (don't let the title fool you) it's "How to Be Sick" by Toni well worth the time to read and the $12 or is a book about how to be sick, but what it's really about is how to live the BEST life you can possibly live even though you have chronic illness. I hope you get it! and anyone else who reads this!!!


01/17/2011 11:39 AM
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Something similar happened to me. A very, very bad case of something~vomitting, diarrea. the whole gamut of symptoms. It was awful!!!!! While I was sick with that, I didn't really feel any fibro pain. It was so strange to me.

Now this is my opinion for myself only, it doesn't mean that I feel that this is the same thing that happened to you, because only you would know that. In my case, I feel that the flu, virus, whatever the heck the monster was, was sooooo very severe that I did not even notice my "normal" pain because the others (flu) was so awful. Once the horrible throwing up non stop, diarrhea and pain from that went away, I did notice the normal" pain. I feel the bug covered up the "normal fibro pain", that is overshadowed it. Do you think that could be the case in your illness? Just curious what others think of my theory in my case.



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